Zachary Zany is a minor character on the series WordGirl, voiced by Matt Besser. His first appearance was in the episode "Who Wants Candy?", where he was the proprietor of Zachary Zany's Candy Factory, and serves as a parody of Willy Wonka. His name isn't really Zachary Zany, it's something marketing came up with.

He is the inventor of "Choco-Sandals", the edible shoe, and "Chew-Poo", the shampoo that doubles as chewing gum.

He also made cameos in "Oh, What a Tangled Knot You Tie, Amazing Rope Guy", on the TV show Celebrity Skeeball, and in the beginning of "Captain Tangent", when Amazing Rope Guy was attempting to rob his factory, only to be stopped by WordGirl. He's Also Made A Cameo In The Rise Of Miss Power In Jail With Sally Botsford

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