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WordGirl Wiki is a collaborative website about the TV show WordGirl that people like you can edit! It is here so every bit of information about WordGirl can be chronicled and stored under one collective roof. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit most articles so we can all work together to create the site. Check out the Community Portal to help you get started!

Even though there are a few people who would like to dispute this fact, WordGirl's not an excessively popular TV show. This is exactly the reason why we need YOUR help! There's much more to the show than what is on this wiki, so whatever you may know that we may not, don't hesitate to add your bit of knowledge!

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Miss Power is the main villain in the WordGirl movie, The Rise of Miss Power. She and WordGirl share most of the same powers, although Miss Power is more adept at these things. However, Miss Power uses mean words to knock villains down rather than fight them without getting harsh, setting her and Word Girl apart. In the movie, she came to Earth with her sidekick, Colonel Giggle Cheeks. She told Word Girl that she was going to teach her how to be a better superhero. Word Girl idolized Miss Power in the beginning, despite her usage of mean words.


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