You could, leik, win a car!

Seymour Smooth on Who Wants to Win a Shiny New Car?

Who Wants to Win a Shiny New Car? is a game show hosted by Seymour Orlando Smooth. This game was not legitimate as Seymour gave the champions, who were always his two brothers, the answers before the show. The show was discontinued when Becky and her mom gave the first correct answer, (with the question being "How tall is the Eiffel Tower in feet?", and the answer being 985 ft).


Two returning champions and two challengers compete against each other in one episode (the challenger being randomly selected, then, the challenger personally selecting a partner). First, the challengers are given a minute to answer an extremely difficult question. If the challengers answer incorrectly, give up, or do not know the answer, the question is then asked to the returning champions, Seymour's brothers, who are unfairly given the answer to the question. Since the champions answer the question correctly, Smooth and his brothers win a "Shiny New Car". If the challengers answer correctly, the champions are asked a different question for another chance.


Once, Sally Botsford was chosen to be on the show, and chose her husband Tim to be her partner, but when he fainted after knowing that he was going to be on TV, Sally chose her daugher Becky instead. When Becky correctly answered the question, The champions, who "didn't know anything", were asked "what is 1+1?" When they did not know the answer to this question, Seymour even hinted to them: "You two (holding up two fingers) numskulls don't know anything", they responded that he didn't tell them the answer before the show. Everyone found out that in this way, they were cheating, and then they went to jail.