" The dance-a-thom starts right now. "
Warden Chalmers
Name Warden Chalmers
Gender Male
Occupation Prison warden
Alignment Good
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Voice Actor Tom Kenny

Warden Chalmers is a supporting character in the series WordGirl and is voiced by Tom Kenny. He's a short, gruff, Texan-accented man that works as the warden at the prison (sometimes called The Jail) where all the city's dangerous criminals are kept.  He has a habit of saying that he will eat his hat if something doesn't go a certain way (such as, "if WordGirl ever goes to prison, I'll eat my hat!) and, it usually doesn't go the way he expected.  More than once he has made hats from such things as hamburger meat or turkey jerky after having to already eat his hat earlier in the episode, predicting that he will have to eat it again later.

He has made a few blunders, such as not noticing when Dr. Two-Brains had escaped through a hole in the wall (replacing himself with a dummy meticulously carved of soap) or when he released the same evil doctor into an "inescapable" maze, after which Two-Brains escaped with the help of his henchmen by following his nose.  The Warden is a bit sensitive, showing his sensitivity in such episodes as "The Wrong Side of the Law," when he mistook something WordGirl said.