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" I'm Violet Heaslip. And here's what I think: Trees are beautiful! "
Violet, Kids Action News
Violet Heaslip
Name Violet Heaslip
A/K/A "The Framer" (fake superhero identity)
Gender Female
Age 10½+[1]
Occupation Poet, Artist, Student
Alignment Good
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Becky Botsford (Best friend)
Scoops (Good friend)
Eugene May (friend)
Family Great Grandma Heaslip's sister (maternal and paternal 2x maternal great-great aunt)

Great Grandma Heaslip (maternal and paternal 2x great-grandmother)
Great Grandpa Heaslip (maternal and paternal 2x great-grandfather)
Mr. Heaslip (maternal and paternal 2x great-uncle)
Grandpa Heaslip (maternal and paternal grandfather)
Grandma Heaslip (maternal and paternal grandmother)
Mr. Heaslip (father and maternal uncle)
Ms. Heaslip (mother)
Priscilla (pet cat)

Abilities Significant artistic and poetic skill
Voice Actor Maria Bamford

Violet Heaslip is a supporting character on the animated series WordGirl, voiced by Maria Bamford. She is Becky's best friend and likewisely 10 and a half years old. She shares her friend's love for mythic creatures such as unicorns and pegasi, and real-life animals, Unlike Becky she has significant artistic skill. She organizes herself with a very shy, soft-spoken, poetic and daydreaming attitude; she refuses to display fear when a meteor was coming right at her, even doing a poem on the encouragement of the moment about the occasion. She often appears to have a tenuous grasp of reality.

Physical Appearance

Violet has medium-length blonde hair with a purple-striped hairclip, Violet wears a long-sleeved purple shirt with a blue overall dress, eggplant-colored tights, and black Mary Jane shoes.


Violet becomes bolder when any of her friends are treated badly or endangered and stands up for them as best she can. Violet also has a Persian pet cat named Priscilla, known earlier in the series as Fluffy, which accompanied Bob Botsford on the class' field trip to Zachary Zany's Candy Factory and also joined her for trick or treating as Captain Huggyface to her WordGirl costume in the Halloween-themed episode "Tobey's Tricks and Treats."

As well as her best friend, Violet appears to be Becky's artistic mentor, deduced by the two of them painting together in numerous episodes. This implies that Violet cares a lot for Becky. Becky has mentioned feeling awkward visiting Violet's home. This is because it has a handful of rules that Violet tries to enforce which Becky found annoying.

In staying with her kind and compassionate personality, she also is more friendly to Tobey than other characters, even making an attempt to comfort him in "Tobey's Tricks and Treats". When they were very young, Violet beat Tobey in a game of checkers, thus causing the boy to avoid the game, yet still desire to become a checkers champion, which led to the events in the episode "Monkey-Robot Showdown."

In Rhyme and Reason (episode), Violet finds out that her best friend Becky (as WordGirl). At first this discovery devastates her, as she can't believe that her best friend would keep such a secret from her, but by the end of the episode they reconcile and move on. She also helps save WordGirl from a big logjam between Rhyme and Reason.


Violet Superhero

Here she becomes "The Framer" and imagines she has superpowers, but she gets defeated by The Butcher.

Tobey Goes Good

Here she enters the Young Inventors Challenge and Friendly Competition with a dual Egg-and-Apple slicer she made with Becky (who used a bit super-strength to hold the pieces together), and won the competition for the hunger of the judge's love of free food. Later, WordGirl used the slicer to defeat Tobey's robot, earning Violet yet another trophy (as her invention saved the day). This trophy was later stolen by Victoria Best, and finally returned by WordGirl.

The Birthday Girl

In The Birthday Girl (episode)" Violet found a way to shrink the Birthday Girl down to Eileen, by tricking her into doing something big, instead of something greedy. Violet and Eileen usually have the same birthday (Eileen's actual birthday).

Becky's Bad-itude

Violet is shown waiting in line for the Billy's music concert, standing behind Shelby Joy and ahead of Tessa. These are girls she had recently attended Becky's birthday with.

Chazz Cameo.png


  1. In Slumber Party Pooper, when Becky mentions that she "recently" turned 10 and a half, she mentioned that Violet would not turn 10 and a half for "a month". Since then, Becky has celebrated her 11th birthday, and since "recently" is probably less than six months, this would mean Violet is now at least 10 and a half.


  • It is known that Violet and Bob Botsford are really good friends. But in Too Loud Crew, when Bob talks, Violet seems to understand him. It is possible that Violet knows what Bob is saying, just like Becky .
  • Violet's birthday is exactly the same as Eileen's, so when that episode aired she would have been 11 by now.
" One day I look up to see, a meteor headed straight toward me! If I weren't tied, I'd run and hide... Oh! Okay! Monkey ride!
(from Catch as Catch Can)


Violet Heaslip