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KerryKoopa26 KerryKoopa26 15 October 2013

Alright, I've been too nice on you guys.

We need to set some ground rules here.

  1. Please give your images a descriptive name. I'm tired of seeing images that are named like $(1237298 9283748194 n.jpg. These say nothing about the image. 
  2. Please categorize your own uploaded images. Does the picture have WordGirl/Becky Botsford in it? If so, add the category "Images of WordGirl/Becky Botsford". Is it not related to WordGirl at all? Add it to "Non-WordGirl Images". Is it not going towards improving the wiki? Is it only going to be used in a comment or your userpage? Then add it to "Non-wiki-related-images". 
  3. Do not upload images randomly. Only add images if you are actually going to use them. That being said, if you upload an image and it remains unused for two days, then it will be deleted…
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KerryKoopa26 KerryKoopa26 8 October 2013

WordGirl is the source of business inspiration!


It's about a 10-year-old girl who started a candle-selling business.

It says here:

"Asia, who received a standing ovation after her talk, told the adoring audience about her business, Super Business Girl."

"The name for her business was inspired by the PBS cartoon “Word Girl,” he said."

WordGirl was inspiration for this kid's business name! That's a great achievement if you ask me. :)

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KerryKoopa26 KerryKoopa26 5 October 2013

I hate the new PBS Video design

It's much less user friendly, they merged PBS KIDS GO and preschool PBS KIDS together, and every time I press "load more videos" in the browsing window, it always goes back to the playing window.

Check it out here: http://pbskids.org/video/

I buckin' hate you, PBS. First you start a new preschool show that I think will be buckin' terrible and I don't even buckin' care about that takes up space in the TV schedule, then you take Electric Company off the air and replace it with even buckin' worse shows, and now this. One more wrong move, and I'm gonna stop watching PBS entirely. And just watch WordGirl on the video player.

Hey, I need to grow up.

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KerryKoopa26 KerryKoopa26 25 September 2013

Proposed image policy

I've been thinking: we've gotten too many junk images on this wiki. Many of them are useless. Still others are one-time-only comment showoff images.

So, I've been thinking. Whenever you want to show people some random image in a comment (e.g. an occurence of 413 in a TV show screenshot), please upload it to another site, and put the link in your comment. This will significantly reduce the amount of junk images we have.

Basically, if it's not going to go on an article, template, or your user page, put it on another site and link to it.

I understand it's an extra click for viewers, but it's for the greater good. Also, the previous comment images will be just fine, not deleted.

As for Deepizzaguy and Phantomjerad who upload images as sort of a "s…

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KerryKoopa26 KerryKoopa26 13 September 2013

Guys, I'ma takin' a chill, be back in a week or two

I'm taking a break from the wiki, mainly because it's stressing me out trying to manage it.

I'll return in a week or two or something.

I have had bucking ENOUGH of stupid kids for a lifetime.

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