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KerryKoopa26 KerryKoopa26 7 June 2015

summer episode schedule, just gonna leave this here

Just trust me on this one. I compiled it from info from various TV schedules (mostly the KLRU schedule).

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KerryKoopa26 KerryKoopa26 20 November 2014

Do you want to talk on the wiki?

Come on, just like old days~

I never see you anymore.

This place is such a bore.

Ever since you went away....

We used to be good buddies,

And now we're not.

I wish that I really knew why!~~

Do you want to talk on the wiki?

It doesn't have to be on the wiki.

Shut up, Kerry.

Okay, bye...

Do you want to talk on the wiki?

Or, heck, write a collaborative fanfic!

I think some visitors are overdue.

I've started posting to myself; I must be sick!

Ah, I remember when there were several...

I get a little lonely.

I don't have friends at school.

I just do homework and get on with my life~~!

Please, I know you're out there...

I've been wondering where you've been...

The nostalgia, it's consuming me.

I've nothing to do now, you see.

Let's be together again.~

We used to have ea…

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KerryKoopa26 KerryKoopa26 17 November 2014


This wiki has been taken over by idiots. I'm not saying who you are. But I know you're out there. Ruining my 12-year-old-hood.

Also, this. Totally freaking relatable.

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KerryKoopa26 KerryKoopa26 17 November 2014

Randomness days

Ah, I remember when there were several users on this site engaging in discussions about unrelated topics. Sadly, those days are gone, with the 2013 COPPA law update claiming some users, and high school claiming still others. I believe I am probably the only one left of the original group still here. But for any of the users present during the "randomness days", the golden age of the wiki, here is some passages of randomness to bring back memories.

"So! Now I'll, uh, tell you a story that makes no sense! Once upon a time, there was a hairbrush that decided it would be best to abandon humanity and retreat to the woods with its faithful friend, the Internet. Of course, no one cared that the hairbrush was gone, but because the Internet was gone…

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KerryKoopa26 KerryKoopa26 8 November 2014

stop dying please

i'm so sad i need to watch some wordgirl

everyone in homestuck

stop dying

rip karkat

and kanaya and dave and jane and jake and rose etc.

and everyone who died when all the planets crashed together

this should be on tumblr but whatever

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