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To tell you the truth, it's kinda lonely being the only admin around here. Plus, if I ever leave, our wiki will be a leaderless place once more. :(

So, I'm giving you the option to actually become an admin! Because I'm a bureaucrat as well.

To become an admin, you:

  • Need to have a registered, autoconfirmed account.
  • Need to have made a good number of helpful article edits. This number should be over 100, but the final decision of whether your number's enough will be made by me. I can check your contributions to see if you qualify.
  • Must NOT have made ANY troll edits. You are automatically disqualified from adminship if you have made even one. If your account was hacked, it's okay. Just change your password. If you claim to have been reformed from trolling, make a new account, follow the above requirements, and then we'll talk.
  • To clear up confusion: If you've made enough article edits on one account, lose access to it, then make another account and request adminship, talk to me and I'll see if you qualify.
  • Should come on regularly. At least once a week is good enough for me.
  • Submit a paragraph about why you want to become an admin.

If you want to become a bureaucrat, ask me personally by emailing me, (kerrykoopa26@gmail.com) or by Special:EmailUser/KerrytheBrony. I will probably only promote bureaucrats if I am going away for a long time.

27px-Kerryhaha.png KerrytheBrony Talk 30px-Kerryno.png 01:13, September 6, 2013 (UTC) (updated)