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Ah, I remember when there were several users on this site engaging in discussions about unrelated topics. Sadly, those days are gone, with the 2013 COPPA law update claiming some users, and high school claiming still others. I believe I am probably the only one left of the original group still here. But for any of the users present during the "randomness days", the golden age of the wiki, here is some passages of randomness to bring back memories.

"So! Now I'll, uh, tell you a story that makes no sense! Once upon a time, there was a hairbrush that decided it would be best to abandon humanity and retreat to the woods with its faithful friend, the Internet. Of course, no one cared that the hairbrush was gone, but because the Internet was gone, no one could help dancing the macarena on top of a phoenix and singing the Icelandic national anthem while..." (Credit to Dragonfree of The Cave of Dragonflies )

"I want to be Michael Jordan when I grow up. 3 things I can do to achieve my goal:

  1. Get biger [sic]
  2. Shave my head
  3. Be black"

Merdering [sic]

"When I merder someone I feel really good after and I feel like I want a hot dog from cosco [sic]."

(Credit for the last 2: http://www.pleated-jeans.com/2014/06/18/kids-say-the-darndest-things-21-pics-2/)

Dom Cobb from Inception really needed...


(You wouldn't get it unless you saw the movie. And my sister came up with that.)

Almost all of this is stuff I took from elsewhere. I'm too depressed tired to come up with any myself.


¡Regresa ya que te echo de menos!

(For the record, those were not from Google Translate.)