Ok people, I need to address something.

I don't think we have a real "featured article" system, just people editing the front page to include their articles. So I'm going to propose one now.

First, we'll make a list of articles that deserve to be featured. Each week, we will nominate articles into the featured list. We'll make a featured article page to list those articles on. Anyone can nominate articles into this category, and we'll vote either via comment or via poll. Each week a new article from the category will be featured on the front page. The order of appearance will rotate according to the order of the articles in the featured category.

For example, let's say the featured article category page was like this: (randomly chosen articles)

  • Theodore Tobey McAllister III
  • WordGirl/Becky Botsford
  • Bob/Captain Huggyface
  • Tim Botsford

So the first week, Tobey's page would be featured on the homepage, then next week, Becky's page would be featured. The week after Tim's page, if no other pages have been nominated, the cycle would start over again with Tobey's page.

If the page for, let's say, The Butcher was nominated during this time, his page will be added to the bottom of the queue, and will be featured the week after Tim's page. Newly nominated articles will be added to the bottom of the list and will eventually be featured.

For an article to be featured, it must

  • have correct spelling/grammar; no typos
  • have a good writing structure
  • include enough information about the topic; not be a stub

I'm actually not sure about the featured article criteria, look it up on Wikipedia or something.

All nominated articles from a week will first be reviewed by me. If it meets the requirements, I'll add it to the choices for the weekly featured article poll. The article that receives the most votes each week will be added to the featured article category. You can also nominate articles to be unfeatured, and if enough people agree on it, it will become unfeatured.

So guys, give me feedback on this idea. Did you think this was good or not? Did I forget something? I hope to make this happen, but I'll need everyone's help.



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