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Come on, just like old days~

I never see you anymore.

This place is such a bore.

Ever since you went away....

We used to be good buddies,

And now we're not.

I wish that I really knew why!~~

Do you want to talk on the wiki?

It doesn't have to be on the wiki.

Shut up, Kerry.

Okay, bye...

Do you want to talk on the wiki?

Or, heck, write a collaborative fanfic!

I think some visitors are overdue.

I've started posting to myself; I must be sick!

Ah, I remember when there were several...

I get a little lonely.

I don't have friends at school.

I just do homework and get on with my life~~!

*hours ticking by*

Please, I know you're out there...

I've been wondering where you've been...

The nostalgia, it's consuming me.

I've nothing to do now, you see.

Let's be together again.~

We used to have each other.

All of you and me.

Now there's nothing I can do.

Do you still want to talk on the wiki?

Soon I'm going to be gone too.