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" Word Up, it's WordGirl!

Word Up, it's WordGirl!

Flying at the speed of sound,

Vocabulary that astounds,

From the planet Lexicon,

Watch out villains, here she comes!

Faced with a catastrophe,

We need the living dictionary,

Her superior intellect keeps a crime world in check!

Go girl!

Huggy Face is by her side,

Vocabulary a mile wide,

She'll make sure that crime will pay,

And throw some mighty words your way!

Word Up, it's WordGirl, Word Up!

From the planet Lexicon,

Watch out villains...

Theme song lyrics
WordGirl Intro (High Quality)

WordGirl Intro (High Quality)

Instrumental Version

Instrumental Version


I love WordGirl! For it is simply spectacular. A marvel, a sensation, a true kid hero from the planet Lexicon, fighting crime with her super strength and Mach 1 flight speed, not to mention her astounding vocabulary, and has her monkey sidekick Captain Huggy Face to assist her in bringing do-badders to justice.

I also prefer the pint-size powerhouse in question over other superheroes such as Batman, Superman (WordGirl's inspiration), Spider-Man and any other superhero of the cliché variety. In fact, she is my #1 favourite superhero.

As for the villains, the ones I simply adore are the cheese-loving evil scientist Dr. Two-Brains, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, a human/sandwich hybrid who mainly commits crimes involving sandwiches and sandwich related things, The Learnerer, a villain who instantly learns things using an adaptive super suit (and of whom is voiced by well known musician and parodist "Weird Al" Yankovic), sophisticated robot-constructing evil boy genius Theodore Tobias McCallister III (better known as Tobey), Lady Redundant Woman, an ill-tempered villainess capable of making clones of herself by pressing her nose, and The Butcher, a villain that has the awesome ability to summon meat.

So in conclusion: The theme song, the characters, the action, the humour, the writing, the animation, the narrator interacting with the characters and even some featured words in certain episodes are the things that make this program truly stand out among certain others.

Word up!


My Favourite Characters

Episodes That I Like (in no particular order)

My Favourite Quotes

" Word Up! "
WordGirl's catchphrase
" They don't call her the pint-size powerhouse for nothing!"
"Uh, um, nobody calls me that."
"Leave the announcing to me, okay?
The Narrator and WordGirl, Book Ends
" Like everyone always says: Three brains are better than two!"
"Nobody says that.
Glen Furlblam and WordGirl, Dr. Three Brains
" Wunn nnn nuckstmme furra numma thrull pckkd uppusuud um wum gul! "
The Narrator mumbling "Tune in next time for another thrill-packed episode of WordGirl", Tobey Goes Good
" I'm Violet Heaslip. And here's what I think: Trees are beautiful! "
Violet, Kids Action News
" I have to hand it to you, WordGirl. You were right about me! I hadn’t changed into a no-good do-gooder. It doesn’t pay to be nice! After all, you try to be nice, and not destroy things, and look at what happens-- you end up losing to an egg slicer!"
"It also cores apples."
Tobey and WordGirl, Tobey Goes Good
" You're fifteen seconds late!"
"Ahh, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
WordGirl and Tobey, Book Ends
" Who is bumping my blimp? WordGirl! Knock that off!"
"Not until you knock off all the cheese shrinking!"
"Uh... let me think about it. No deal! Ha-ha-ha-ha!
Dr. Two-Brains and WordGirl, Shrinkin' in the Ray
" Hold it right there, big-- cat-- person, is it?"
"Greetings! It is I, the Handsome Panther!"
"Alright! I used to be Chuck the Evil Sandwich Guy, but those days are over! Now, I'm the Handsome Panther! Rawr!"
"Chuck, are you sure the name Handsome Panther is right for you?
WordGirl and Chuck, The Handsome Panther
" What’s the matter with people? I’m evil! I walk outside on a hot day without shoes! I walk right on the hot cement like ten seconds before I hop onto the grass! Oh, and sometimes I use hand soap to wash my FACE! I’m out of control! And if people want a sandwich crime, I’ll GIVE them the sandwich crime of the century! "
Chuck having a moment, Chuck!
" He-e-elp! Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy is robbing the grocery store!"
"Oh, that’s terrible. But why are you telling me?"
"Isn’t this the police station?"
"No. This is your house. I am your wife."
"Oh. I thought you looked familiar. Where’s the police station?"
"Next street over!"
"Oh. Thanks, sweetie. He-e-e-elp!"
"Hey! Bring home some eggs!
Exposition Guy and his wife, Chuck!
" Stick with me kid, and you'll go places!"
"He called me kid!
Scoops and Becky, Shrinkin' in the Ray
" News travels fast! But my robots travel faster! Ha-ha-ha-ha!"
"I don't get it."
"It was-- a joke.
Tobey and WordGirl, Department Store Tobey
" What's up... Doc? "
Glen Furlblam to Dr. Two-Brains, Dr. Three Brains
" How's it feel to battle someone mightier than you?"
"You tell ME!
Chuck and WordGirl, Bongo Rock
" Who taught you how to fight? My grammy sweet mum-mum?"
"Grammy sweet mum-mum?"
"She makes me call her that!
Tobey and WordGirl in the middle of a battle, Tobey Goes Good
" He-e-elp! Lady Redundant Woman has escaped from prison! Also called the penitentiary!"
"She has? Aah, great! Where were you three scenes ago?"
"Sorry. My bus was late.
Exposition Guy and WordGirl, The Return of the Reprise of Lady Redundant Woman
" I'm not just a narrator, I'm also a devoted friend. "
The Narrator to WordGirl, Wordbot
" Ah, so you admit defeat."
"And my superiority?"
"Ok, sure!"
"And you’ll accompany me for ice cream this evening?"
"Uh, we’ll discuss that later.
Tobey and WordGirl, Book Ends
" Adults are strange people. "
Violet's opinion on adults, Mount Rushhere
" You know what they say: Half a grilled cheese is better than no grilled cheese at all!"
"Uh, nobody says that. You're the only vey who's ever said that."
"My mom says that on occasion.
Chuck and Dr. Two-Brains while trying to steal the city's largest grilled cheese sandwich, Kids Action News
" You’re fired!"
"You can’t fire me. Because I quit!
Granny May and Tim Botsford, Granny's Goodtime All-Cure Spritzer
" Out of the way, Charles, or should I say... Chuckleberry?"
"Hey, that's my mom's special nickname for me.
WordGirl and Chuck, Lunch Lady Chuck
" My, WordGirl, you do look lovely when you’re angry. I wonder what you’d look like if you were furious! "
Tobey to WordGirl, Princess Triana and the Ogre of Castlebum
" Ask your brother who usually wins the battles on this show, buddy."
"Ah. Kids grow up so fast these days.
WordGirl and Narrator's brother, Mecha-Mouse
" If your name is Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, why are you stealin’ a car?"
"What is it with you people?"
"I’m just sayin’!"
"Yeah?! Well, you’re done just sayin’, because now I’m a-SPRAYIN’!
Used Car Salesman and Chuck, Chuck!
" You fiend!"
"And proud of it!
WordGirl and Dr. Two-Brains, When Life Gives You Potatoes…
" What’s Tobey doing here?"
"I don’t know."
"Uh, talking to Bob."
"Oh, sorry!
Becky and the Narrator, Tobey's Masterpiece
" What brings you to this neighborhood?"
"A hunch."
"Your posture looks okay to me."
"Not that kind of hunch.
Chuck and WordGirl, When Chuck's Mom Is Away...
" Now, let's send this little girl and her pet lemur back to the library!"
"Who are you calling "little girl"?!
Kid Potato with his son The Butcher before they battle WordGirl and Huggy, Meat-Life Crisis
" WordGirl plus Kid Math equals victory!"
*Huggy squeaks*
"Right, plus Huggy. Sorry, Huggy. Forgot to carry the monkey.
Kid Math after defeating Dr. Two-Brains with WordGirl and Huggy, part 2 of Kid Math
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