S1E3a WordGirl pushing horse
"Huggy, I need your help!"

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  • Becky: Mr. Big? That's M.B.? You're in charge of the school newspaper now?

  • Mr. Big: Hold on. Uh, Leslie. What exactly is he accusing me of
  • Leslie: Revising his articles, sir.
  • Mr. Big: Oh, right. And what does "revise" mean?
  • Leslie: Well, let's see--

  • Becky: You turned it into something that wasn't true, something misleading.
  • Scoops: Wow. Scoops, Becky. I don't think WordGirl herself could have said that any better.
  • Becky: (Giggles) Yeah.
  • Scoops: You okay? One more question for you. Why don't you just print the truth?

  • Mr. Big: How did you manage to keep your job so long? Anyhoo!

  • Becky: Not if WordGirl has anything to do about it.
  • Mr. Big: Well, she won't. Because this is going out in tomorrow's edition.

  • Scoops: You can't do that!
  • Mr. Big: Oh, but I can.
  • Scoops: But I really like my job at my paper.

  • Mr. Big: Well, Scoops, if you want to keep your job, just bring the secret identity of WordGirl. (Laughs)

  • WordGirl: (Pants) Oh, man. They just won't give up.
  • Woman: (Gasps) There she goes!
  • Man: Get the camera! Quick, take the shot!
  • Guy: Aah! I've run out of film!
  • Narrator: Is this the end of WordGirl's secret identity? Will Scoops lose his job? Shouldn't the Narrator get free jelly beans for life since he's already know WordGirl's secret identity?
  • WordGirl: Hey!
  • Narrator: Sorry. High above the city, WordGirl decides what to do next. By the way, what do you plan on doing next?
  • WordGirl: (Sighs) I don't know. I hope no one got a clear picture that reveals my secret identity. But, if someone I did, I hope it was Scoops. Because at least then he'll be able to keep his job. Yes, Bob, and he'll probably share his jelly beans with you.
  • (WordGirl and Captain Huggyface are hiding to the bushes and the tree)
  • (WordGirl and Captain Huggyface transform back into Becky and Bob)
  • Becky: Er, hey, uh, Scoops. Heh. Heh!
  • Scoops: Oh, hi, Becky.
  • Becky: Do you think anyone got a picture showing WordGirl's secret identity? Just wondering. Not really--you know, just a little curious.
  • Scoops: I sure didn't. I did get a good picture of the dirt after I got pushed over.
  • Becky: Oh. Well, you know, whoever WordGirl is, I bet she would rather have you reveal her secret identity than anyone else.
  • Scoops: Aw, thanks, Becky. I have a feeling my days writing for the "Daily Rag" are pretty much over.

  • Scoops: Look at that! WordGirl's secret identity! Wait a minute. This doesn't reveal WordGirl's secret identity. Listen to this: "Now that we know WordGirl's secret identity. Do you want to find out who she is? All you have to do is be the first person to send us a picture of her sidekick, Captain Huggyface's secret identity and then you'll won the contest." Becky, do you notice anything weird about this?
  • Becky: It's--It's misleading.

  • Scoops: No one figured out WordGirl's secret identity in the first contest.
  • Becky: Whew!
  • Scoops: I'm going to write a new story now and tell everyone in the city what Mr. Big has been up to all along.
  • Becky: Good idea! And there's no time to waste. We're going to stop Mr. Big first thing tomorrow. I have to go home before it gets dark.

  • WordGirl: Hold it right there, Mr. Big! Your days of publishing lies and misleading the public are over!

  • (Principal arrives)
  • Scoops: There he is, Ma'am. The villain's who's been printing all the misleading about Woodview Elementry this week.
  • Principal: Shirley Smalls?! Just what do you think you're doing here?

  • Leslie: Yay! Oh, sorry.

  • WordGirl: Good work, Scoops.
  • Scoops: Thanks, WordGirl. It's too bad Becky wasn't here to see it. She was a big help. She's always disappearing, though.
  • WordGirl: Yeah. Heh! Weird. Heh heh. Uh...
  • Scoops: Hey! Are you sure you don't want to tell me your secret identity, just for fun?
  • WordGirl: Yeah, I don't think so now what was it you were just saying about Becky a big help?
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