Tobey's fan from Oh What a Tangled Rope you Tie, Amazing Rope Guy

In Oh, What a Tangled Rope You Tie, Amazing Rope Guy


She also appears in Chuck's Brother, watching Brent hug Chuck, on the left

Tobey's fan refers to a woman who has a speaking role in Oh, What a Tangled Rope You Tie, Amazing Rope Guy. In that episode, ARG attempts to rob her by disguising himself as one of Tobey's robots, along with a small doll of Tobey on top of him. When he does so, she is very happy about it, and exclaims that Tobey is actually her hero. After ARG removes the disguise, she is disappointed, but does take the little Tobey doll.

Tobey's fan has blonde hair which she ties back into a ponytail, holding back her bangs with green sunglasses. She wears a pink hooded sweatshirt over top of a grey undershirt with a blue belt and grey pants, with green sandal / slippers.

She first appears in Mecha-Mouse, but makes cameo appearances starting in Season 2's I Think I'm a Clone Now episode.



I Think I'm a Clone Now

She initially comes into the Copy Shop wanting to enlarge her WordGirl sign into a banner. (In spite of being a fan of Tobey, this does not appear to interfere with her being a fan of WordGirl.) However, this changes when everyone thinks WordGirl is robbing the Library and other places, and she puts a circle with a cross through it in her banner and holds it in front of her chest as part of the mob formed against her. When the real wordgirl reveals that the wordgirl that robbed the library is a malicious copy made by Lady Redundant Woman, she went to being a wordgirl fan.

Invasion of the Bunny Lovers

She becomes Mind controlled from the Bunny Button from the first man that Dr Two Brains and Mr Big hypnotized.