Tiny big

Tiny Big

Tiny big is a villain on the series WordGirl.  He is Mr. Big's custom-made pop idol, put in the limelight for the specific purpose of shoving WordGirl out of it.  Tiny Big 'sang' songs against WordGirl to diminish her popularity and, as the public enjoyed it, they were influenced to be anti-WordGirl and pro-Tiny Big (and thus pro-Mr. Big).  WordGirl eventually discovered that he does not actually sing, but lip-syncs, and once this fact was revealed to the public, Tiny Big's popularity dropped and WordGirl was once again the star. 

Afterwards, Tiny Big made a cameo in the episode "Birthday Town" sweeping the floors of Mr. Big's store. Tiny Big was also briefly mentioned in "Truth, Revision, and the Lexicon Way", and made a cameo appearance in "The Rise of Miss Power" as one of the townspeople in jail. Also, it is reveled that Mr. Botsford has a CD of one of Tiny Big's Songs; in "Granny and Clyde".

The image of Tiny Big has appeared on several products throughout the series.  For example, Mr. Botsford is seen holding a Tiny Big pen in one episode.   Bob has a Tiny Big coffee mug in Castle! Dungeon! Fortress! So?  And a Tiny Big poster appears on the side of the Fair City bus, which Bob/Huggy often takes to get around.

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