The Daily Rag is a fictional newpaper from the series WordGirl. It has been mentioned multiple times throughout the series, and has even more cameos as various people reading the newspaper. The Daily Rag's most famous reporter is Todd "Scoops" Ming - in fact, he got his nickname by being such a good reporter, always getting the first scoop on any event. It has been mentioned The Daily Rag is a school newspaper, but even so it appears that it attracts a fair amount of readers and deals with articles not always school related, e.g. Dr. Two-Brains' latest cheese heist. In the episode "Truth, Revision, and the Lexicon Way", it is revealed that Mr. Big tried to take over the newspaper in 5th grade. He takes over for Scoops (and Scoops is anything but thrilled) and uses the newspaper to try and unmask WordGirl. He sets up an "evening edition" for the paper, but it is unknown whether there still is one since Mr. Big is no longer in charge.