" WordGirl how you find me? "
Coach to WordGirl
The Coach
Name The Coach
Gender Male
Occupation Self-Help Adviser
Alignment Bad
Homeland Fair City
Race Humans
Voice Actor Ned Bellamy

The Coach is a villain.


He is a short and devious man who started out as a motivational coach, but when The Whammer saw one of his advertisements, he found he could motivate more gullible villains to do his bidding. He used his "motivating" skills to convince The Whammer that he was becoming his own boss when, in reality, he was simply being influenced to steal for The Coach ("Sidekicked to the Curb").

After he got out of prison he started a villain school (where Ms. Question and Big Left Hand Guy got their beginnings). In it, he used the same basic technique to develop three novice villains and convince them to steal what he wanted. He is incapable of much alone, but when given the opportunity to reach other villains he is able to work as he wants until WordGirl captures him.

In "The Robot Problem" The Coach stole Tobey's plans to make robot fueled by potatoes to get revenge on the city for closing his Villain School. However, The Potato-Fueled Robot took control and destroyed his Villain School.


  • He likes bananas.