WordGirl first debuted as a series of one to two minute shorts titled The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl which debuted after Maya and Miguel on 10 November 2006 as part of PBS Kids Go!.

These shorts were originally available for viewing on the PBS official YouTube channel, but they have since been removed or been made private.

Chronological order

Here are the two-minute shorts in the order in which they originally aired at the end of Maya and Miguel:

# Title Airdate Len Sypnosis Links
1 Catch as Catch Can aka Catch as I Can 10 Nov 2006 2m In the first Wordgirl episode ever to air, can WordGirl prevent a cumbersome meteorite from destroying the city? Transcript
2 Enter, the Butcher aka The Butcher (short) 17 Nov 2006 2m WordGirl meets The Butcher, master of meat and mangler of words, and tries to prevent him from robbing a bank. WordGirl also tries to convince the Butcher that he’s not “a fender” but “offended” when she tells him he “butchers the English language.” Exposition Guy (the guy in the beard who warns WordGirl) has his first speaking role here. Transcript
3 Re-Enter, The Butcher aka We Meet Again, Butcher 24 Nov 2006 2m WordGirl tries to stop the Butcher from robbing Ye Olde Fancy Schmancy Jewelry Store. They also have to deal with a pompous store clerk. Transcript
4 What's Up, Doc? 01 Dec 2006 2m WordGirl pays a visit to Professor Steven Boxleitner (author of the book Superheroes and You: A Practical Guide) to figure out a way to stop the vicious Butcher. Transcript
5 Re-Re-Enter, The Butcher

aka Butcher is Not Here for a Job

08 Dec 2006 2m WordGirl tries to prevent the Butcher from robbing a grocery store. She also tries to clear up a misunderstanding between the Butcher and The Grocery Store Manager, who believes that the Butcher is there for a job. Transcript
6 Yes Sir, That's My Butcher 15 Dec 2006 2m WordGirl and the Butcher face off for their big, big battle royale. WordGirl reveals her secret weapon: her always hungry ally, Captain Huggy Face. Transcript
7 The Crazy World of Dr. Two Brains (short) 22 Dec 2006 2m In a lab experiment that goes horribly wrong, Prof. Steven Boxleitner accidentally fuses his mind with that of his vicious lab mouse and becomes the villainous Dr. Two-Brains. Becky (WordGirl’s secret identity) tries to distract her little brother TJ so she can transform into WordGirl and capture Dr. Two-Brains before he goes on a cheese-stealing rampage. Transcript
8 Two Brains in the Grocers

aka Two-Brains in the Grocery Store

29 Dec 2006 2m WordGirl tries to capture Dr. Two-Brains after he eats all the cheese in the grocery store, but Dr. Two-Brains is able to escape by causing a ruckus. Transcript
9 The Times, They Are A-Cheesy 05 Jan 2007 2m The Botsford family (including Becky Botsford, a.k.a. WordGirl) are flabbergasted when Dr. Two-Brains appears on television, threatening to turn the city into goop if he doesn’t get every piece of cheese in the city. Transcript
10 Mouse Trap 12 Jan 2007 2m WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face confront [[Dr. Two Brains at his secret hideout. Dr. Two Brains proves that their attacks on him would be futile by capturing them in his giant mousetrap. Will they escape, or will Dr. Two-Brains succeed in turning them into goop? Transcript
11 Squeaky's Machine 15 Jan 2007 2m Dr. Two Brains is about to use his Goop Ray to give WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face a “one-way ticket to Goop Town.” Can they escape this predicament while Dr. Two-Brains' Squeaky brain is distracted by cheese related questions from the Botsford family? Transcript
12 Driving Miss Granny 16 Jan 2007 2m A new villain’s in town! Granny May and her timid (and enormous) grandson Eugene May rob an armored car in broad daylight. Will WordGirl be able to catch up with them? Transcript
13 Kiss My Granny 17 Jan 2007 2m While trying to stop Granny May from robbing Ye Olde Fancy Schmancy Jewelry store, WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face are blinded by Granny’s dazzling jewelry, then captured in her knitted “Web of Yarn.” Will they be able to escape before Eugene crushes them in a game of “squish the knitting”? Transcript
14 Living in the Granny's Paradise 18 Jan 2007 2m Although WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face are able to use their coordination to escape Granny May’s trap, they are soon caught in the unbreakable grip of Eugene. Will they be able to break free and stop Granny May from escaping with the stolen jewelry? Transcript
15 Play Date 19 Jan 2007 2m After destroying a giant, rampaging robot as WordGirl, Becky returns home to find that she has an unexpected playdate with Theodore McCallister III. When Becky discovers that Theodore is actually “Tobey,” the mischievous genius behind the giant robot’s rampage, she risks revealing her secret identity. Transcript
16 Tobey or Not Tobey 26 Jan 2007 2m Tobey and Becky argue over whether Tobey’s robot caused real damage to the city or only a minor hullabaloo. Tobey decides to play a game with Becky to see if she’s really WordGirl or not. Transcript
17 The Wrath of Tobey 02 Feb 2007 2m Tobey gives Becky an impossible choice: reveal herself as WordGirl and destroy the robot threatening her house or do nothing and watch her house get demolished. Becky and Bob (a.k.a. Captain Huggy Face) initiate Emergency Plan #47, with mixed results. Transcript
18 Chuck, the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy (short) 09 Feb 2007 2m Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy threatens to squash Bill the Grocery Store Manager with his giant sandwich press after the manager calls the press “extreme.” Can WordGirl stop him in time? Will Scoops ever get the sandwich he ordered? Transcript
19 Name That Dude 16 Feb 2007 2m WordGirl and the Narrator have a hard time not laughing at Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy’s name. Chuck captures WordGirl with his noxious Pickled Eggs. As WordGirl, Scoops, and Bill the Grocery Store Manager head towards certain doom on the giant sandwich press, all of them try to think of a less absurd name for Chuck. Meanwhile, Captain Huggy Face races to the rescue. Transcript
20 Chucky and the Sandwich Factory 23 Feb 2007 2m WordGirl sends Captain Huggy Face to search for the ultimate crowbar in order to help them escape Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy’s giant sandwich press. Will Captain Huggy Face be able to find the “ultimate crowbar” in time? Transcript

These one-minute shorts appeared on the PBS Kids website along with the two-minute shorts around the same time:

# Title Len Sypnosis Links
21 WORDGIRL! WORDGIRL! WORDGIRL... aka Movie Trailer 1m The origin story. The name "WordGirl!" is repeated over and over during the short. Transcript
22 WordGirl and the Butcher 1m WordGirl tries to prevent the Butcher from setting off his Steak Bomb and ruining the day of vegetarians city-wide. Transcript
23 WordGirl and Dr. Two-Brains 1m Dr. Two-Brains becomes frustrated with a malfunctioning trap. Transcript
24 WordGirl and Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy 1m WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face struggle to break free from Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy's Atomic Hot Dog Lasso. Transcript
25 WordGirl and Dr. Two-Brains, Part 2 1m WordGirl tries to thwart Dr. Two-Brains' latest scheme but is distracted by a yummy mixed-fruit beverage. Transcript
26 Becky and Scoops aka Scoops Thinks WordGirl is Cute 1m Scoops ponders WordGirl's secret identity while Becky saves him from perils that he doesn't notice. Transcript
27 WordGirl and the Narrator 1m WordGirl wants a new superhero name. She convinces the Narrator to put his reputation on hold and announce the new name she has in mind, just to see how it sounds. Transcript
28 WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face, Part 1 1m WordGirl makes Captain Huggy Face try on some new costumes because she feels his regular costume lacks pizzazz. Transcript
29 WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face, Part 2 1m When Captain Huggy Face is late for a robot battle because of the bus schedule, WordGirl suggests some other modes of transportation. Transcript
30 Who Is WordGirl? aka Becky and Mr. Botsford 1m Despite certain clues, Mr. Botsford (Becky's adoptive father, later revealed to be named Tim) is oblivious about WordGirl's secret identity. Transcript

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