Emily telling a story about Becky meets Scoops.

Stroll is an episode of May I Have a Word where Emily correctly defined the word. Unfortunately she missed the bonus round question.


In Round 1, Emily buzzes in, but instead of defining the word right away, she begins going on about how Becky has such awesome friends (referring to the example photos shown).  She talks about one time when Scoops asked Becky if she wanted a sandwich, and that Becky got all nervous because she had a crush on him.  Emily's monologue causes Beau, Huggy, Phil and Tommy to fall asleep.  Tommy wakes up long enough to finish her sentence, then goes back to sleep.  As Emily talks about Becky's friendship with Bob, members of the audience are also seen starting to drift off.

Finally Emily rings in a second time, and correctly defines Stroll as "to walk along, taking your time."

In the bonus round, Emily chooses picture number 3, which is incorrect. The correct picture for Stroll was picture number 1 which features Tim and Sally Botsford strolling around the park. Emily is not upset about not winning the bonus prize (a WordGirl jet pack with bubble action), because she says she is allergic to bubbles.


  • An official WordGirl jet pack
  • BONUS: An official WordGirl jet pack with bubble action


This is one of the only two episodes in which a contestant picks the incorrect picture on the bonus round. The other episode was Dazed.


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