Steve McClean
Name Steve McClean
A/K/A Steve
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation N/A
Alignment Villian
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Unknown
Family Unknown
Voice Actor Tom Kenny

Steve McClean is a minor villain on the series WordGirl.

He was voiced briefly by voice acting veteran, Tom Kenny, and first appeared in the episode "The Ballad of Steve McClean", which was also his only big break in the whole series.

Steve is a snazzy, mustached villain whose trademark is a quick, clean getaway - literally. He not only steals, but he steals cleaning supplies and cleans up the crime scene before he escapes (for example, on his first heist, he robbed Aisle Six of the grocery store, then he stole all of the cleaning supplies and cleaned up the whole aisle before leaving).

His speedy, immaculate getaways and pop star-like attire put him as number one on the WordGirl Weekly Supervillain Countdown, as well as the city's most-wanted villain, making Dr. Two-Brains (the former number-one villain) extremely jealous, and making the town quite crazy about him. In fact, the second time Steve McClean attempted to rob the grocery store, he was mobbed by some teenage fans in the parking lot.

However, his cleanliness turned out to be his undoing. After trying (and failing) to outdo McClean, even going so far as to rename himself Dr. Cool-Brains and dressing his henchmen in biker attire, Two-Brains teamed up with WordGirl to stop the villain. Two-Brains' henchmen spilled a pile of water bottles, and then Two-Brains used his cheesefizz ray to turn the water into cheese, after which Steve revealed his two sole drawbacks: his nasal, nebbish voice and his nature as a clean freak. While Steve attempted to mop up the liquid cheese, WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face caught him, and he was arrested by the police. Afterwards, Dr. Two-Brains was restored as the number-one villain (but was still arrested in the end for the crimes he committed earlier in the episode).

Steve McClean was never mentioned by name again, and did not have a featured role in any other episode.  Despite this, he did have a number of silent background cameos, usually wherever there were multiple villains (some examples include "Mr. Big's Mini-Golf", "Where Have All the Villains Gone?", "Gift Pony", "The Rise of Miss Power", and "Two-Brains Quartet").

It should be noted that Dr. Two-Brains and Steve McClean have basically the same first name, since Two-Brains' past identity was Professor Steven Boxleitner.


  • Steve McClean's name is a parody of the iconic actor Steve McQueen.


"Oh, what a terrible mess."
"Stay back, this cheese is icky."
"No, no, no - Hey, watch the shoes! Like, the shoes, 'cause if cheese gets on leather, you know, it never comes out.
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