Main Round

Beau Handsome: Hello! I'm Beau Handsome, and this is...

Audience: May I Have a Word!

Beau Handsome: As usual, the player who correctly defines today's featured word will win a fabulous prize! Let's play...

Audience: May I Have a Word!

Beau Handsome: Yes, you may! Today's featured word is STENCH. To give you a clue, here are some clips from WordGirl that show the meaning of the word.

(Clip 1: Mecha-Mouse releasing an odor into the air, causing museum patrons to gag-- from Mecha-Mouse)

(Clip 2: WordGirl, Huggy and Reginald bombarded by Granny May's perfume)

(Clip 3: Becky and Bob overcome by Bold Botsford Stew)

(Emily buzzes in.)

Beau Handsome: Emily?

Emily: A stench is a dangerous gas. Like they showed in the clips.

Beau Handsome: I'm sorry, that is incorrect! Anyone else?

(Tommy buzzes in.)

Beau Handsome: Tommy?

Tommy: Clearly a stench is a sidekick. Like Huggy. Huggy is a stench.

Beau Handsome: I'm sorry, that too is incorrect.

(Phil buzzes in.)

Beau Handsome: Yes, Phil?

Phil: I know the definition of stench.

Beau Handsome: That's great! What is it?

Phil: A stench is a strong and disgusting smell. Like rotten eggs, or garbage, or my baby brother's diapers! Pee-yoo!

Beau Handsome: That is correct Phil! Congratulations, you are today's winner. Huggy, show him what he's won!

Beau: (offscreen) An official WordGirl huge-gantic fan! Perfect to blow away even the worst of stenches!

(The curtain opens, and Huggy presses the button on a fan. It starts to push Beau's podium across the stage, and causes part of the set to sway back and forth.)

Beau Handsome: That's it for today's episode. See you next time on--

Audience: May I have a Word!

Bonus Round

Beau Handsome: Hello, I'm Beau Handsome, and this is the bonus round of...

Audience: May I Have a Word!

Beau Handsome: Our returning champion will have a chance to play for even greater prizes on-- the bonus round! Phil, you correctly defined the word stench. Ready to play the bonus round?

Phil: I guess so.

Beau Handsome: Take a look at these three pictures, and tell me which one shows the definition for stench.

(Picture 1: Huggy sunning himself outside on a lounge chair)

(Picture 2: Lady Redundant Woman and her clones preparing to attack with office products)

(Picture 3: TJ being attacked by a skunk in the yard)

Beau Handsome: Any guesses, Phil?

Phil: TJ is definitely running from a skunk, and skunks are known for their stench. So number three!

Beau Handsome: That's correct! Phil, you're our bonus round winner! Show him what he's won,. Huggy!

Beau (offscreen): A year's supply of Stench-be-gone Perfume!

(The curtain goes up, and Huggy is standing on top of a huge bottle of perfume. It tips over, sending him to the ground.)

Beau Handsome: See you next time on--

Audience: May I Have a Word!

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