Reginald the Jewelry Store Owner
Name Reginald
A/K/A The Amazing Reginald ?
Gender Male
Age 40's
Occupation Jewelry Store Owner
Alignment Other
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Rich Old Lady
Family Unknown
Voice Actor H. Jon Benjamin

Reginald is a character on the series WordGirl. He is the clerk and possible owner at Ye Olde Fancy Shmancy Jewelry Shoppe.

Reginald is extremely pompous and self-centered, and is a devout lover of all things fancy. He does not care for people if they are not rich or fancy, and dislikes little children (that don't act rich or snobby). He is also shown to dislike teenagers. He seems to dislike nearly anything that isnt fancy. In "A Thorn in the Sidekick" we see that he is allergic to barbecue sauce. In "A Questionable Pair", he seems to have a possible crush on Ms. Question, asking her out to lunch and crying when looking at photos WordGirl exposes her evil plan.

Reginald has also been shown to think of himself in extremely high regard, going as far enough as to describe himself as a superhero who can do karate, fly, and lift a 200-pound weight while writing a concerto.

In Have Snob, Will Travel he got kidnapped by The Butcher in order to use his expertise to plan his next heist.

In Judging Butcher he appeared in "The City's Got Too Much Talent" as a dancing lobster.