Robert tubing

Robert and Bosco

Professor Robert Tubing is a disabled scientist from WordGirl (series), who resides in Professor Steven Boxleitner's old lab. His greatest invention is his solar-powered wheel chair. He has a monkey sidekick named Bosco.

His first appearance was in "A Game of Cat and Mouse", when WordGirl went to him for advice on how to defeat Dr. Two-Brains. He even tried to convince Two-Brains to let him remove his mouse brain but was strongly refused by the doctor. However, at the end of the episode, Two-Brains was defeated by WordGirl and Professor Tubing's creation.

Although he has never gotten a speaking role again, the professor has made various cameo appearances throughout the series: in the episode "Earth Day Girl" at the Earth Day Fair, where he was demonstrating alternate-fuel powered rockets; in the crowd of people bidding WordGirl farewell in "Where Have All the Villains Gone?"; in The Rise of Miss Power as one of the townspeople in jail; and in "Who's Your Granny?" in a lab that held the world's only rocket-propelled toothbrush.

His voice was provided by Stephen Root.