"Pretty Princess Premiere"
Season 2, Episode 10a
Pretty Princess Premiere
Production code: 210 a
Original Airdate: 06/19/2009
Featured Words: Premiere,
Written by: Hugh Fink
"Escape Wham"
"Where's Huggy?"

Pretty Princess Premiere is episode 10a of Season 2 of WordGirl.


Becky is looking forward to watching the premiere of the new Pretty Princess movie, but the Energy Monster has other ideas! Can WordGirl save the day?


WordGirl and Captain Huggyface are trying to defeat the Energy Monster, who is running amok at the city's Electronics and Frozen Yogurt Superstore, in time so they can get home and watch the new episode of Pretty Princess, because there's going to be an important announcement at the end. Meanwhile, Violet and TJ are awaiting the new episode as well at Becky's house (though TJ continues to deny his interest). The episode starts without Becky, who continues to struggle with the fierce Energy Monster. She manages to trap her in a homemade lightbulb, and quickly rushes home, just in time for... the end credits. However, she does hear the special announcement at the end: all fans of Pretty Princess and her Magic Pony are invited to attend the upcoming Pretty Princess and Magic Pony movie premiere!

At the movie premiere, everything is all lights and cameras - until the power suddenly goes out, leaving all the moviegoers in the dark. The blackout was caused by the Energy Monster, who managed to escape the superstore and has headed to the premiere, seeking its mass quantities of energy. Becky is forced to change into WordGirl, to defeat the Energy Monster and satisfy all the fans who are awaiting the rest of the movie. Using the power of light as it refracts through a prism, WordGirl plugs the Energy Monster into a large spotlight and transforms the light into a huge rainbow.


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