" That's very odd, but you're clean. How about you, WordGirl? "
Watson to WordGirl
Police Commissioner Watson

Watson original

Watson new

Name Police Commissioner Watson
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Police Commissioner
Alignment Good
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Unknown
Family Unknown
Voice Actor A.D. Miles (Swap Meat)
Wayne Knight (The Wrong Side of the Law)

Police Commissioner Watson is the head of the police force in WordGirl. He usually jumps to conclusions when examining a crime scene, and is named for the assistant of Sherlock Holmes.

He made his debut in the episode "Swap Meat" and exposed WordGirl as not having any knowledge of art, but was corrected the next night by taking The Butcher under arrest for fraudulant forgeries made from chopped liver.

He jailed WordGirl in "The Wrong Side of the Law" for stealing a priceless figurine when she was framed by The Birthday Girl. He made cameo appearances in "Meat My Dad" during Kid Potato's dream, in "Captain Tangent" arresting Captain Tangent and Oscar, seeming to be annoyed by Captain Tangent's tangents and in "High-Five Sandwich" at The Deli.


He looks different in Swap Meat, having different hair, no mustache and a shorter nose. Where as in The Wrong Side of the Law, he has messier hair, a mustache, and a pointier nose. He also wears a similar, but different coat (the size and design of the collar being the main difference).


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