appealing to Nocan.

Oak Street lady is a phrase that refers to a lady who presumably lives on Oak Street, or is at least concerned with the street, as she asks the mayor to add stop signs to it in Nocan the Contrarian (episode). She had orange hair and glasses, with a turquoise shirt, pink vest, and blue skirt.


"But how can I proceed  when I don’t know what proceed means?!"

"So I should just go?"

"WordGirl, you are a genius!"

"Um, hi again, I’d like there to be fewer stop signs on Oak Street so it will be more dangerous".

"Thank you, Nocan the Contrarian."

"Gimme my Money Back!"

"High Five Sandwich!"


Earth Day Girl

Granny's Goodtime All-Cure Spritzer

May I Have a Word?

She sits in the back row, to the left of the alternate Tessa, directly behind beard guy (in front row) and relative to the middle row, behind-left of toque guy and behind-right of beehive lady

Nocan the Contrarian (Episode)

She is one of the petitioners to the mayor, but by the time it's her turn, Nocan the Contrarian has supplanted Tim Botsford.  

Theme Park WHAMpage

Episodes unidentified

k,kBecky's Bad-itude

She is seen waiting near the front of the line for the Funbots' concert. Her pink vest is visible directly above the hair of the dodgeball girl. She appears to be accompanying a boy wearing a red-colored hooded sweatshirt and blue pants. She is standing behind a woman wearing a blue turtleneck with a high-bound brown ponytail.

Becky tree definition
"My, that's, um…wordy."

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See also

  • Tessa, who has similar facial characteristics