Beau Handsome at his podium

May I Have a Word? is an animated game-show segment shown between and at the end of episodes on WordGirl. It features the host, Beau Handsome, asking three contestants, Phil, Tommy, and Emily, the definition of a particular word, such as crestfallen, fatigued, evade, or snare. The contestant who gives the correct definition wins a prize that often has something to do with the featured word, but sometimes is more random. WordGirl herself appears only once in the show in person, during the segment on the word Fumble, when she streaks in and returns Beau Handsome to his podium following the previous episode, when he was kidnapped by Seymour Orlando Smooth.

May I Have a Word? did not appear in the WordGirl movie The Rise of Miss Power. It was replaced with the Pretty Princess and Magic Pony Power Hour. However, if the movie is split into two parts (one half plays one day and the other half plays the next day), then May I Have a Word? is played in between the segments.


Here are some of the recognizable regulars seen in the audience (from left to right, front to back):

MIHAW Audience


Tommy from "May I Have a Word?"

The contestant podiums with the buzzer lights on.

There are three contestants, who are apparently always Tommy, Emily, and Phil. They are standing at three podiums. Beau Handsome is to the left, in another podium, there is also a screen somewhere in the headquarters, but its location is unknown. The game begins with Beau Handsome announcing the featured word, then showing several clips from the WordGirl show to give hints to the word's meaning. Then a contestant must buzz in from their podium which lights the light above them, and define the word. If the player incorrectly defines the word, then another player has the opportunity to buzz in and respond. If all three contestants buzz in at the same time and correctly define the word, they all win the round. This has happened on multiple occasions.

The Bonus Round

The bonus round is the second round of the game. Only the contestant that correctly defined the word plays this round. Three pictures are shown on the screen and the player must say which one shows the correct definition of the word. If all three contestants won the first round, then the first contestant to buzz in and give the correct answer wins. If no one correctly defined the word in the first round, the first one to buzz in and give the correct answer wins.


The winner(s) of each round receives a prize, usually an Official WordGirl product, an Official Beau Handsome product, or something else, e.g. a tub of chocolate pudding, a cream pie. Captain Huggyface presents the prize.


Here is a tally of the number of individual wins in the main round:

  • Emily - 17 wins
  • Phil - 13 wins
  • Tommy - 13 wins

(In Enormous, ALL contestants were declared winners.)

Other anomalies in the scoring:

  • In Bewilder, Phil gave the correct definition, but in an indirect manner, and at first was disqualified and Emily overheard Beau and said what he said and when Tommy buzzed Beau said he already gave the definition and a bewildered Tommy asked if he did making Beau so upset making no one win. But at the start of the bonus round, Beau reversed his decision and declared Phil to have won the main round.
  • In Scowl, no one won the main round, but all contestants won the bonus round.
  • In Stroll, Emily won the main round, but did not choose the correct picture for the bonus round.
  • In Dazed, Phil won the main round, but did not choose the correct picture for the bonus round.

The Paradox of the Show

The game show May I Have a Word? presents several interesting contradictions. First of all, the show uses episode scenes from the WordGirl series as examples for word definitions. The announcer and contestants are fully aware of the events that take place in the series, as any fan would be. Many of the sample clips and pictures focus on the Botsford family, and in fact, at least one clip shows Becky changing into WordGirl (during Bewilder).

On the other hand, the audience is filled with characters who actually inhabit the WordGirl series. They live their lives in Fair City, and they would therefore have no idea of who WordGirl really is. Huggy is a regular on the game show, although he is also in the series. Tommy is also shown as a character in several WordGirl episodes. And with the episode Tell Her What She's Won!, Becky is shown watching May I Have a Word?, meaning that the show (which reveals her secret identity) is being broadcast to households (and villains) all over Fair City.

What does all of this mean? Nothing, really. It's simply an interesting concept to ponder. The series and the game show are both fun ways of teaching kids how to use words properly, and that's what's really important.


  1. The 2007-2008 episodes were season 1.
  2. The 2009 words were season 2.
  3. The 2010-2011 words were season 3.
  4. The 2012-2013 words were season 4.
  5. The 2015 words were season 5.

2007 words:

Word Orig Airdate Main winner Bonus winner Main prize Bonus prize
Hurl 9/3/2007 Tommy Tommy Official WG 10-ft Paper Clip Giant Stapler
Pounce 9/14/2007 Emily Emily Dr. Two-Brains Balloon Captain Huggy Face Balloon
Stroll 9/21/2007 Emily no one Official WG Jet Pack Official WG Jet Pack w/bubble action
Devour 9/28/2007 Emily Emily Official WG Largest Stalk of Broccoli Official WG Largest Baby Carrot
Dazzling 10/5/2007 Tommy Tommy Official WG Giant Disco Ball no prize
Soar 11/23/2007 Emily Emily Official WG Soar-like-an-eagle Hang Glider w/attached eagles Official WG Eagle Wings
Swerve 11/30/2007 Tommy Tommy Official WG Unicycle Stationary Bike
Smash 12/21/2007 Phil Phil Official WG Styrofoam Statue of Dr. Two-Brains Use of Mr. Botsford and his grape-stomping skills for a week
Scowl 12/28/2007 no one ALL State-of-the-art Official WG Six-wheeler Motorcycle Official WG Tunnel-To-The-Center-Of-The-Earth-Mobile

2008 words:

Word Orig Airdate Main winner Bonus winner Main prize Bonus prize
Enormous 2/15/2008 ALL ALL Official WG Enormous Ball of Rubber Bands Official WG Shetland Pony
Dazed 2/22/2008 Phil no one All-expense paid trip to the moon Astronaut food for the trip to the moon

2009 words:

Word Orig Airdate Main winner Bonus winner Main prize Bonus prize
Evade 2/16/2009 Emily Emily Official WG Balance Beam WG Portable Windshield
Disguise 2/17/2009 Tommy Tommy Official WG Trunk Full of Disguises Cheerleader Disguise
Fatigued 3/23/2009 Tommy Tommy Official WG Trampoline Bed Official WG Trip to Hawaii
Stench 3/24/2009 Phil Phil Official WG Huge-gantic Fan Year's Supply of Stench-B-Gone Perfume
Snare 4/30/2009 Phil Phil Official WG Snood Official WG Snare
Crestfallen 5/1/2009 Emily Emily Official WG Broom (and dustpan, which Beau throws in) World's Biggest Bottle of Bubbles
Silhouette 5/4/2009 Emily Emily Official WG Movie Screen Your Very Own Parade
Petrified 10/23/2009 Tommy Tommy Official WG Microphone Your Very Own Stage to Perform
Hover 6/19/2009 Emily Emily Official WG State-of-the-art Hovercraft Official WG Hovering Device for your elephant
Tiff 7/13/2009 Phil Phil Official WG Huge Cream Pie Another Cream Pie

2010 words:

Word Orig Airdate Main winner Bonus winner Main prize Bonus prize
Collection 8/23/2010 Phil Phil Official WG Super-charged Trampoline Official WG Mystery Package
Doze 9/13/2010 Emily Emily Official WG Waterbed Official WG Gigantic Hair Dryer
Elegant 9/14/2010 Emily Emily Official WG Velvet Cape Official WG Gigantic Boom Box
Shatter 9/15/2010 Emily Emily Official WG Rope Swing Official WG Tub of Chocolate Pudding
Smudge 9/16/2010 Phil Phil Official WG Life-size Beau Handsome Cutout Official WG Larger-than-Life Beau Handsome Cutout
Binoculars 10/11/2010 Tommy Tommy Gift Certificate for a Bird-Watching Trip with Beau Handsome Official Beau Handsome Bird Watching Hat
Imitate 11/8/2010 Emily Emily Official Beau Handsome Microphone Official Beau Handsome Microphone Storage Box

2011 words:

Word Orig Airdate Main winner Bonus winner Main prize Bonus prize
Bewilder 1/3/2011 Phil Phil Go Cart Official WG Pogo Stick
Perspire 2/8/2011 Tommy Tommy Official WG Absurdly Large Launch Ramp Official WG Frozen Treats
Strenuous 4/1/2011 Tommy Tommy Official WG Weight Bench Official WG Crane

2012 words:

Word Orig Airdate Main winner Bonus winner Main prize Bonus prize
Apprehend 9/10/2012 Phil Phil Official Captain Tangent Pirate Costume Official Captain Tangent Pirate Ship
Clutch 9/12/2012 Emily Emily Official WG Dune Buggy Official WG Sand Dune
Console 9/13/2012 Phil Phil Official WG Rocket-powered Merry-Go-Round Official WG Microphone Cleaning Kit
Flicker 10/29/2012 Emily Emily Official WG Hover Board Official WG Non-hovering Skate Board
Cower 12/28/2012 Tommy Tommy Official WG Indestructible Shield Official WG Clown for a Day

2013 words:

Word Orig Airdate Main winner Bonus winner Main prize Bonus prize
Dangle 3/11/2013 Tommy Tommy Official WG Supersized Dictionary Official WG Gargantuan Calculator
Recline 6/14/2013 Phil Phil Official WG Lemonade Pitcher Official WG Beach Umbrella
Fumble 8/7/2013 Tommy Tommy Official WG Extremely Valuable Diamond-encrusted Egg Tube of officlal WG super-glue (to fix the egg huggy broke)

2015 words:

Word Orig Airdate Main winner Bonus winner Main prize Bonus prize
Wedged 6/24/2015 Phil Phil Official WG Rocket-powered Trapeze Official WG Two-person Rocket-powered Trapeze
Inflate 6/19/2015 Emily Emily Official Beau Handsome Giant Inflatable Head Pump for your giant inflatable head
Scamper 6/12/2015 Emily Emily Official WG Super Duper Supercharged Super Ball 200 More Official WG Super Duper Supercharged Super Balls
Irritable 7/8/2015 Tommy Tommy Official WG Supercomputer Every Single Book Ever Written
Consume 7/10/2015 Emily Emily Lifetime Supply of Animal Crackers Lifetime Supply of Milk
Discard 6/10/2015 Phil Phil Dance Lessons from Beau Handsome More Dance Lessons from Beau Handsome

See Wikipedia:List of WordGirl episodes#May I Have a Word episodes for more info.



  • 2014 was the only year to not feature any new words.
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