" I’d like you to meet a few of my friends! Me… myself… and I! "
Lady Redundant Woman, The Return of the Reprise of Lady Redundant Woman
Lady Redundant Woman
Lady Redundant Woman
Name Lady Redundant Woman
A/K/A Beatrice Bixby
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Occupation Copy shop employee
Alignment Villain
Homeland Fair City
Race Human/Copy Machine
Abilities Cloning,Duplication,Animation(paintings).
Voice Actor Amanda Plummer (1st appearance)

Grey DeLisle (2nd appearance onward)

Lady Redundant Woman is a villain on the series WordGirl. She was first voiced by Amanda Plummer, but is then voiced by Grey DeLisle starting from The Return of the Reprise of Lady Redundant Woman onward.


In her self-titled debut episode "Lady Redundant Woman (Episode)" (where she is voiced by Amanda Plummer), she is first seen as a copy shop employee by the name of Beatrice Bixby. She is jealous of the manager of the copy shop, a generous man named Dave, and often mutters to herself about how she wants to get rid of Dave and take over as manager of the copy shop.

She gains her new identity after pressing a mysterious button on a copier, which fuses her with the machine, thus gaining the ability to replicate herself or another if she consumes a picture of the thing or person to be copied. This is shown in the episode "I Think I'm a Clone Now", where she consumes a picture of WordGirl and creates an evil copy of WordGirl, who speaks redundantly and tries to ruin WordGirl's reputation by stealing thesauruses.


It has been shown that she has ink cartridges in her back that, if removed, disable her ability to produce another copy, and that her copies are weaker as her ink supply runs low. To create a copy she must press her nose, so in prison she is kept from making duplicates by placing a locked guard over her nose (Return of the Reprise of Lady Redundant Woman). She also can make a copy disappear by pressing her nose again.

In addition to her copying ability, she has a tendency to be extremely redundant, saying for example that something might be "priceless, rare, and certainly not cheap." Her purpose in the show may be duly to teach synonyms and also to show children to be concise and not redundant.

In the episode "The Young and the Meatless," one of her duplicates falls in love with The Butcher while Lady Redundant Woman herself does not, showing that the duplicates seem to have some degree of their own personality.

When WordGirl defeats her copies, they vanish in a burst of copy paper. It was also revealed that when exposed to water, the copies turn back into paper after flickering for a matter of seconds.

Lady Redundant Woman can also make copies of a picture when scanning it with her eyes. The catch is that the copied picture comes to life. The Royal Dandy is one example of that. Just like her copies, the Royal Dandy disappears into a piece of paper.


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