" Say hello to Kid Potato! "
Kid Potato in "Meat My Dad"
Kid Potato
Name Kid Potato
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Alignment Evil
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Family The Butcher (son)
Abilities Shooting potato products
Voice Actor Ed Asner

Kid Potato is a minor villain on WordGirl voiced by veteran actor Ed Asner. He is the father of The Butcher, and is a very old-fashioned kind of super-villian, even insisting that his son wears a mask. He uses potato-type attacks, similar to the varying meat abilities his son possesses. 

His first appearance was in "Meat My Dad", where he wants his son to be just like him, and even join up with him to make a "dream team" called "Meat and Potatoes."

He criticizes his son's posture, costume, relationship and dealings with WordGirl, and other such trifles. Unfortunately, The Butcher doesn't agree with most of his father's views, and does not want to team up and wear the costume his father wants him to wear. However, he is guilt-tripped into it, but at their first robbery (at Ye Olde Fancy-Shmancy Jewelry Store) he rebels and tells his father to stop badgering him. WordGirl apprehends the two, and they later reconcile their differences, as seen with the two of them playing catch with a potato in the prison yard.

Kid Potato later returned in "Meat-Life Crisis", where he retired being a supervillain for a while and became a vendor at a ballpark. When The Butcher came to live with him after he lost his meat powers, Kid Potato convinced his son to become a vendor with him. It boosted The Butcher's morale and he was able to sell lots of food with his meat attacks, but when the vending boss only paid The Butcher a minimum wage, he returned to his evil ways. Kid Potato went back into supervillain business to help his son, but they were both defeated by WordGirl.

Kid Potato's latest true appearance was in "The Rise of Miss Power", where he was among the many villains attacking Miss Power.

In the episode "The Meaty Dimension", it was revealed that Kid Potato wrote a book teaching The Butcher about his meat powers and how to use them.

Kid Potato's catchphrases are: