Part 1

(A grouchy Mr. Big drives a happy Leslie to a building. She waves and walks off.)

Narrator: It's another delightful day in the city.

Mr. Big: (Mocking angrily) It's another delightful day in the city.

Narrator: I just said that.

Mr. Big: (Mocking angrily) Yes I just said that.

Narrator: What's wrong?

Mr. Big: What's right? First, Leslie gets the WHOLE WEEK off to go to some CONVENTION for unappreciated sidekicks. which I REALLY DO NOT appreciate! (tears up) And the squeaker on my squishy bunny breaks...

Narrator: Oh, yeah. I totally see what you mean.

(Mr. Big pulls out a destroyed mind control device)

Mr. Big: And my latest mind control device is a complete waste of money! I'm suppose to be a supervillain!! Frankly, this has not been a super-week I've been having.

Dr. Two Brains: Tell me about it.

  • Scoops: I can't believe this is happening.
  • Becky: Ugh! What? (punches through the wall and is surrounded)
  • Scoops: Uh, Becky? Beck Botsford, did you just? (Gasps) Are you...?
  • Becky: Now, come on.
  • Narrator: What just happened? Did Becky just reveal her secret identity to Scoops? Is Mr. Big and Two-Brains's plan actually going to work? Oh, I hope this has a delightful ending.

Part 2

  • Narrator: And when we last saw WordGirl, we, she... well, just see for yourself.
  • Scoops: Becky? Becky Botsford? (Gasps)
  • Narrator: Now, you see why this is a two part episode.
  • Becky: So, how about that brick wall, huh? (nervous laugh) I mean, it must have been TOTALLY weakened by something, I mean, I just leaned on it and it fell over! Me! Just an... ordinary... little girl.
  • Scoops: Yeah... and then you picked me up and we flew through the sky.
  • Becky: Oh, that! Yeah. (nervous laugh) That was a, um, wind current! Yeah, it swooped us off the ground and into the sky! Sure felt like we were flying, huh! And... oh, forget it. I'm WordGirl.
  • Scoops: I knew it! I always knew it!
  • Becky: No you didn't!
  • Scoops: Fine, I always suspected it.
  • Becky: Mmhm...
  • Scoops: I... sometimes suspected it.
  • Becky: Whatever. Right now we -
  • Scoops: Although it does kind of hurt that we were friends this long and you never told me.
  • Becky: Well, don't you think that there might be a reason I never told you?
  • Scoops: Like what?
  • Becky: Well, is there any chance you're going to keep my secret identity confidential?
  • Scoops: Confidential?! You mean like when you keep something a secret and don't tell anybody?
  • Becky: (Hopefully)Yeah!
  • Scoops: Are you kidding? This is the scoop of a lifetime! The world needs to know!
  • Becky: Aaand... that's why I couldn't tell you. Do you know what would happen if everybody knew I was WordGirl?
  • Scoops: They'd throw you a big parade?
  • Becky: NO!!! Well, maybe. That'd be nice. But after that, my life would be RUINED! Villains would know who I am. My family would treat me differently! I don't even get me started on the paparazzi.
  • Scoops: Huh. I guess I never thought of it that way.
  • Becky: So...?
  • Scoops: But! The world deserves to know the truth! And what kind of reporter would I be if I kept a story this big confidential.
  • Becky: Well... we'll worry about this later. Right now, we've got bigger problems. My whole family is under mind control!
  • Scoops: So is mine!
  • Becky: See those buttons? Mr. Big and Dr. Two Brains teamed up to create them.
  • Scoops: So how do we stop them?
  • Becky: Well, how about we start with this. Word UP! (transforms)
  • Scoops: This is really happening. This is awesome.
  • Scoops: (clinging to WordGirl as she flies') So, what do we do?
  • WordGirl: Confront Dr. Two-Brains and Mr. Big.
  • Scoops: WHAT?!
  • WordGirl: Don't sweat it. what usually happens is there's this big ray or mind-control device, we shut it down, and everything goes back to normal.
  • Scoops: Really?
  • WordGirl: Yeah, trust me. Happens all the time.
  • Scoops: Wow!
  • Narrator: Oh boy, if she knew...
  • WordGirl: What?!
  • Narrator: Nope! Sorry, can't tell you!
  • WordGirl: Ugh! Annoying.
  • Dr. Two-Brains: Hey, you know what's funny? We've been at it for days and we haven't heard a peep out of WordGirl yet! Do you think maybe she's under our mind-control -
  • WordGirl: Hold it right there!
  • Dr. Two-Brains: Well, maybe not.
  • WordGirl: So, where is it?
  • Mr. Big: Where is what?
  • WordGirl: You know, the big ray or mind-control device that's got the whole city?
  • Mr. Big: Oh, well, it's right here!
  • WordGirl: Well that wasn't much of a challenge!
  • (this happens over and over for a while)
  • Two-Brains: Should we tell her?
  • WordGirl: Wait. What's going on?
  • Two-Brainds: Well, here's the thing. There IS no ray! There is no big mind-control device! The buttons? The one on every single person in the city? They are the mind-control gizmo!
  • WordGirl: So I have to turn off every single button on every single person? But that's -
  • Two Brains: Impossible! I know!
  • MR. Big: Minions! But a button on these two.
  • WordGirl: Come on! (flies away)
  • Mr. Big: Hey!
  • Dr. Two Brains: Aw, let them go. Like we have a choice. She's the only one around here who can fly.
  • Mr. Big: You're right. It doesn't matter. Nothing can stop our plans now. Nothing.
  • Woman: Hmm? What's going on?
  • Scoops: Well, that wasn't so hard.
  • Woman: Alright. what is going o- Button... have a button...
  • Scoops: Oookay, maybe a little harder than I thought.
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