Guy Rich is a villain on the series WordGirl.  He is voiced by William Mapother.  His first and so-far only

Guy Rich
Name Guy Rich
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Villain?
Alignment Evil?
Homeland Unknown
Race Human
Friends The Villains?
Family His brother
Voice Actor William Mapother

appearance is in the episode "Mr. Big's Mini-Golf."  He boasts that he is the best, richest, and most colossal evil businessman. He has a somewhat Texan style to his attire and speaks with a Southwestern/Southeastern United States-type accent. In reality, he is only an average man that pretends to be a rich evil businessman so he can be impressive like Mr. Big. He and his brother, who pretends to be his caddy in their charade, go from town to town, switching roles in between. Not even his accent is real, and he puts a large false facade on his house to make it look like a giant mansion.