" Hi, my name is Glen Furlblam, and I’m seriously your number one fan! "
Glen to Doctor Two-Brains, Crime Takes a Holiday
Glen Furlblam
Three Brains are better than Two!
Name Glen Furlblam
A/K/A Dr. Three Brains
Gender Male
Age Unknown; early 20's
Occupation Doctor Two-Brains' biggest fan (previously), Villain
Alignment Evil
Homeland Fair City (possibly)
Race Human
Voice Actor Brian Posehn

Glen Furlblam is a villain on the series WordGirl, voiced by Brian Posehn. He first appeared in the episode "Crime Takes a Holiday", when Dr. Two-Brains seeks a replacement villain to take over for him when he goes on a vacation cruise he won from Dairy Villains Monthly. Glen then shows up at the auditions and claims to be Two-Brains' number one fan. He then proceeds to claim he could improve Two-Brains' crimes, much to the villain's annoyance. Because Two-Brains did not feel that Glen was a competent replacement for him, due to his conceitedness and foolish ideas, he rejected Glen's audition.

Angered by not being able to impress his idol, Glen uses his vicious cats to steal Dr. Two-Brains' lab coat and chase the scientist until Two-Brains was stranded on his own goop ray. While the authentic Two-Brains was stuck, Glen began trying to outdo all of his crimes. In this endeavor he rather failed miserably, though he did not see that. WordGirl eventually apprehended him and Two-Brains got to go on his vacation.

In the episode "Dr. Three-Brains", Glen's most recent appearance, Glen foils Two-Brains' plans to escape prison by (with quite a bit of luck) managing to steal the real villain's Blackout Ray and his list of things to steal once his freedom was regained. He tries once again to outdo the real doctor's intentions, this time by calling himself Dr. Three-Brains, taping two rubber brains onto his head and trying to "outdo" the crimes on the genuine doctor's list (For example, by placing one strawberry onto the World's Largest Cheesecake to make it "better" before stealing it). With Two-Brains' help, WordGirl again apprehends Glen.

In the episode "Two-Brain Quartet", Glen was among the crowd of villains watching Dr. Two-Brain and his henchman sing. He seemed to be jealous of them.

Glen later appeared in A World Without Wordgirl as Two-Brains' manager in the alternate reality, but with no dialogue. He also made a brief cameo in The Rise of Miss Power.

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Glen & TB

Glen with Two-Brains' Blackout Ray and list, and an infuriated Dr. Two-Brains behind bars. From the episode "Dr. Three-Brains".