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Eileen(Birthday girl) promo.png
Name Eileen
A/K/A Birthday Girl
Gender Female
Age 10 years old (11 in "Sonny Days with a Chance of Showers")
Occupation Villain
Homeland Fair City
Race Human (Mutant)
Friends Violet Heaslip (best friend, multiple episodes)
Exposition Guy (best friend, one episode)
Wordgirl/Becky Botsford (best friend, one episode)

Energy Monster (best friend, multiple episodes)

Family Mother (unknown identity)
Abilities Green greed-induced transformation, super strength, size alteration
Voice Actor Pamela Adlon

Eileen (aka the Birthday Girl) is a recurring villain in WordGirl.

Physical Appearance


Eileen is a 10-year-old girl with red hair who wears a pink dress with pastel blue sleeves on both sides of the top portion of her dress; she also wears a pastel blue hairbow, a purple and gold cat necklace around her neck, light pink frilly socks and white Mary Jane shoes.

Birthday Girl Form

While using her powers to become Birthday Girl, Eileen's skin becomes green. However, either because of the way the screen interprets it or because of a coloring error, her skin appears to be different shades of green skin at different times. In her promo images it is a light green, while at other times it may be dark, chartreuse, or pear green.


Eileen can easily be described as greedy, selfish, heartless, aggressive, self-centered, immature, and sometimes cruel. Usually, she appears to be an innocent little girl to others. She does whatever it takes to give anything she may want by using a unreal polite manner, big eyes, and a lisping voice, along with the the statement "Today is my birthday!". Whenever she is denied something she wants, she yells, "Mine, MINE, MINE!", growing in height and changing into green with each yell until the owner of the coveted item hands it over in fear.

Eileen thinks that every day is her birthday (hence why she is nicknamed "The Birthday Girl") and such uses the excuse as a reason to get special treatment from anyone and everyone, usually to great effect. Because she thinks every day is her birthday, she thinks every party is her birthday party, every cake is her birthday cake, etc.  She also greatly annoys Becky because of her lisp, using the "w" sound in words instead of “l” or “r”. e.g. "I wearned my wesson," "Today's my biwthday!", "What do bestest-westest fwiends do?".

In addition to using it to get what she wants, she also uses her cute charm to get herself out of trouble, as shown in "The Wrong Side of The Law."

Despite this, though, there have been times where she shows a caring side to others when not getting convinced to be generous. In Sonny Days with a Chance of Showers, when she finds how disappointed Captain Huggy Face was towards Wordgirl after thinking she was going to have Sonny be her new three-legged race partner, she willingly offers to be his new partner for the race. In Say it Again, Eileen, she generously saves the last crumpet for Becky without being convinced by someone to do so.




Eileen always intends to claim violet as her friend in the first few of episodes she was in, and violet gotten too nervous to back down and let becky handle most of the situation. Eileen first saw violet when her kite was blowing a little too intensely in the wind. Eileen was astoudned by how pretty the kite looked and asked violet if she could have it. When violet asks her to retrive the kite back, she declines.

Exposition Guy

Eileen met up with him when she was selling some city scout granola bars asking if he could buy some including the fact that its her birthday alongside it, the exposition guy happily agrees to the offer, Eileen cheers in excitement when she is suddenly distracted by the energy monster. She asks if she can also have that too. The exposition guy also accepts.

Energy Monster/Maria

Eileen seems to have the closet connection to this character. The first time Eileen was with energy monster is when she teamed up with her to beat miss power. The true bond began is in The Birthday Girl's Monstrous Gift where she adopted the energy monster and told her that she was cute (However Eileen mistook it for a guy.) and then she realized the energy monster was famished, She dangles a watch over her and the energy monster regains a bit of her size. Eileen astonished by the transformation, tells the energy monster to play with her. She threw a toaster like a frisbee for Maria to catch, After she caught the toaster Eileen dangled the outlet above her to play with. Eileen than made her some food and she putted it in a bowl made for the energy monster, but she was refusing to eat it, Eileen automatically realizing that she eats electricity, throws the can opener into the bowl, the energy monster happily accepts and scarfs its energy out of it. Eileen is then seen styling energy monsters "hair" into pigtails. Eileen admired her work when the energy monster swipes a hair dryer off her hand and eats it. Later in the day despite their size, Eileen was able to take the energy monster for a walk, seeing a giant electric snowman, the energy monster goes in for it but Eileen holds onto the string, concerned if she wants to stay with her or not. The energy monster leaps for the snowman and Eileen cries. Later on Eileen puts up signs for the energy monster being missing when she suddenly spots the energy monster being encased in a ornament. Eileen gets defensive over the energy monster and changes in size. She was also seen chasing the energy monster in Gift Pony.


  • Her powers are based on those of the Incredible Hulk, a Marvel superhero; however, unlike the Hulk, her powers are based on greed rather than anger.
    • She is also similar to Laura Limpin from Codename: Kids Next Door. Unlike Laura, when turning into a monster, Eileen changes her skin color and her voice echoes.
  • The only way to reverse Eileen's transformation is to trick her into doing something generous instead of greed, although sometimes her greed alone can backfire on her (as seen in "Who Wants Candy?").
  • It is unknown what Eileen's last name is, if she even has one at all.
  • In her debut episode and "Slumber Party Pooper", it is revealed that Eileen loves gold stars.
  • Violet was the first person ever to refer to Eileen as "Birthday Girl".
  • As seen in "The Rise of Miss Power," there is a possibility that Eileen can transform into Birthday Girl without having to do anything greedy.
  • Interestingly, as Eileen transforms into Birthday Girl, her clothes seem to show no signs of tearing apart the bigger she gets. Additionally, Eileen is less muscular than Hulk regardless if she remains in her normal state or transforms into the Birthday Girl.
  • Eileen's real birthday is the same as Violet's, as revealed in the episode "Sonny Days with a Chance of Showers". So, if she were 10 at the time, she would have been 11 by that episode.
  • Although not officially confirmed, the cat necklace that Eileen wears is possibly the thing that gives her the power to grow.
    • In her debut episode, Eileen shrinks back to normal size after giving her kitty necklace to Violet, making this theory make some sense, though it is possible Eileen shrinks due to doing an act of generosity and not because of the necklace itself.
    • It is also revealed that Eileen received the necklace from her mother, somewhat hinting she was the “original” Birthday Girl before Eileen was born.
  • In “The Wrong Side of the Law”, several pictures on the walls of Eileen’s house is a clown with red hair, hinting this could be evidence that her father is a clown.




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