Name Dave
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Copy Shop Manager
Alignment Good
Homeland Unknown; possibly Fair City
Race Human
Friends Unknown
Family Unknown
Voice Actor Larry Murphy

Dave (also referred to as copy shop manager) is the manager of Fair City's copy shop. He was first seen in Lady Redundant Woman (episode) as a kind (perhaps overly-nice) man who always attempted to communicate well with his employees, or even to villains (as well as Lady Redundant Woman) that tried to rob the shop.

Ever since the first episode he appeared in, Dave has seemed oblivious to the fact that Beatrice Bixby/Lady Redundant Woman despised his cheerful efforts of either friendship or thanks, or that the villainess has yearned to manage the copy shop herself. Most others seem to enjoy his friendly acts. Even to the point of making "We're Sorry, WordGirl" posters to have the whole town apologize to WordGirl for being easily deceived.

Dave has been shown in multiple episodes, frequently as a cameo character.