Crestfallen is an episode of May I Have a Word where Emily correctly defined the word.


Huggy spills the bottle of bubbles


In Round 1, Phil buzzes in first, but forgets the definition and is upset with himself. Next Tommy buzzes in, and incorrectly defines it as a battle that you lose. Finally, Emily buzzes in and, noting that everyone was so upset in the clips, gives the correct definition: "Sad and disappointed."

   Phil:  "That's it!  I knew it.  I'm so..."
   Emily (completing his thought):  "Crestfallen?"

In the bonus round, Emily correctly chooses picture #2, in which Huggy looks crestfallen.


  • An Official WordGirl Broom (Beau also throws in a dustpan, after Emily seems crestfallen that the prize wasn't an orangutan or a giant rainbow catcher)
  • The World's Biggest Bottle of Bubbles (which Huggy accidentally knocks over)


  • This episode was not featured on PBS Kids website.


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