Scoops cowering under a tree

Cower is an episode of May I Have a Word where Tommy correctly defined the word.


In Round 1, Tommy buzzes in and correctly defines Cower as "crouch down in fear". He goes on to say it's something he would know nothing about, because he's not afraid of anything. Beau offers, "What about snakes? Spiders? Sharks?" Tommy says no, but Phil crouches behind his podium after each creature is mentioned. Beau seems teed off by Phil's smugness.

In the bonus round, Tommy correctly chooses picture #3, where Huggy is cowering from one of Tobey's robots. At the sight of the bonus round prize (a clown), Tommy finally cowers in fear, but makes the excuse that he dropped something. Beau seems pleased that he found something that scares him.


  • An Official WordGirl Indestructible Shield
  • BONUS ROUND: An Official WordGirl Clown for a Day


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