Main Round

Beau Handsome: Hello! I'm Beau Handsome, and this is...

Audience: May I Have a Word!

Beau Handsome: As usual, the player who correctly defines today's featured word will win a fabulous prize! Let's play...

Audience: May I Have a Word!

Beau Handsome: Yes, you may! Today's featured word is CLUTCH. To give you a clue, here are some clips from WordGirl that show the meaning of the word.

(Clip 1: Birthday Girl is holding some stuffed animals)

(Clip 2: Officer Jim is holding a coffee cup-- from Granny and Clyde)

(Clip 3: The librarian is holding a book)

(Clip 4: WordGirl is grabbing onto a trophy she had recovered from Victoria Best-- from Victoria Best (episode))

(Emily rings in.)

Beau Handsome: Yes, Emily?

Emily: Clutch means to grip or hold tightly. Like WordGirl was doing with the trophy she won in that last clip.

Beau Handsome: You got it! And speaking of winning trophies, if you'll look, uh, under your buzzers, you'll find a ballot where you can vote for game show host of the year!

(The ballots have three boxes to check: one with Beau's picture [circled], one with Seymour Orlando Smooth's picture [crossed out], and one with Anthony the reporter [crossed out].)

Beau Handsome: Well, feel free to fill those out while we show Emily what she's won. Huggy, take it away!

Beau (voiceover): An official WordGirl Dune Buggy!

(The curtains open, with Huggy sitting in the dune buggy. He starts it up, and it burns rubber and takes off from the platform.)

Emily: Uh, I don't think I'm old enough to drive that.

Beau Handsome: Well, if you fill out your ballot correctly, maybe Huggy will take you for a spin.

(Huggy shakes his head no, then accidentally takes off again and zooms by Beau's podium.)

Beau Handsome: Anyway, that's it for today's episode. See you next time on...

Audience: May I have a Word!

Bonus Round

Beau: Hello, I'm Beau Handsome, and this is the bonus round of...

Audience: May I Have a Word!

Beau: Emily, you correctly defined the word clutch. Ready to play the bonus round?

Emily: You bet.

Beau: Great! Take a look at these three pictures, and tell me which one shows the definition for clutch.

(Picture 1: Mr. Botsford wearing a pair of viking horns)

(Picture 2: Reginald holding onto a bag of jewels-- from The Home Run King)

(Picture 3: A mouse playing goalee)

Beau: So, what do you think, Emily?

Emily: I'm gonna go with number two. Reginald is really clutching that bag of jewelry.

Beau: That's correct! Which means you're our bonus round winner! Huggy, show her what she's won!

Beau (voiceover): An official WordGirl giant sand dune!

(The curtains open, showing Huggy driving the dune buggy over a pile of sand.)

Beau: Uh, sand dune??-- Wow, Emily! You're really gonna have fun with that!

Emily: I am?

Beau: Okay, well that's our show! See you next time on...

Audience: May I Have a Word!

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