Transcript for Catch as Catch Can

(Scene:  Space, far above the earth.)

Narrator: Deep in space, a chuck of space rock hurtling toward earth at breakneck speed!  Meanwhile...

(Scene shifts to a park within Fair City Citizens suddenly gasp in horror)

Man #1:  A chunk of space rock!

Woman #1:  Falling from the sky!

Man #2:  We're doomed!

Child:  Aw man, couldn't this happen on a school day?

(Cut to a group of citizens, screaming frantically)

Narrator:  Is there any hope?  Is the city doomed?  OH NO, IT'S COMING RIGHT AT US!!

(The crowd stops and stares into the camera, presumably at the narrator)

Narrator:  Sorry.  (The crowd resumes being frantic)

Narrator:  Who will save the city from this big hunk of space rock?

WordGirl (on top of a building):  Actually, it's called a meteorite, and I've got it.  Word Up!

Narrator:  It's WordGirl!  (Someone from off camera hands a baby to WordGirl, and Scoops swings by on a rope to take a picture.)

Narrator:  ...and Captain Huggy Face!!

(WordGirl takes off by herself. Huggy slaps his hand against his helmet in frustration at hearing his name)

Narrator:  (to Huggy) I know, I don't like saying it either.  She named you!  Talk to her.

(Cut to Violet, who is sitting on the ground wrapped up in a jump rope, unable to free herself.)

Violet:  (in poetic form) One fine day, I look up to see  /  A meteorite heading straight for me!  /  If I weren't tangled, I'd run and hide! ...

(Captain Huggy Face runs by, picks up Violet, and carries her off)

Violet:  (finishing her rhyme) ...Oh, ok.  A monkey ride!

(Cut to WordGirl)

WordGirl: Intercept! (She catches the meteorite)

Scoops:  Hi WordGirl.  Heck of a catch there.

WordGirl (grunting):  Thanks.

Scoops:  I'm Scoops, roving reporter for the Daily Rag.  Mind if I ask you a couple of questions?

WordGirl:  Uh, shoot.

Scoops:  Great.'s it going?

WordGirl (straining to hold the meteorite):  Uh, not bad.  Hey, can we speed this up?  This baby's getting a bit cumbersome.

Scoops:  Right.  (pauses)  What?

WordGirl:  Cumbersome.

Farmer guy (appears from offscreen, holding a cucumber):  Cum-ber-cuke?

WordGirl:  No, that's a cucumber.  Cumbersome means bulky, heavy...hard to handle. (Cut to Scoop's camera)  Like that camera around your neck.  Is that comfortable?

Scoops:  Are you kidding?  This picklicker's breaking my back!  (flash of realization)  Oh!  Cumbersome!

WordGirl:  Right!  And Captain Huggy Face over there...he doesn't have super strength, so Violet is a little cumbersome.

Violet:  (giggling) Oh, your fuzz tickles!

WordGirl:  Well, I might as well get rid of this thing!  (With a mighty heave, she flings the meteorite away from the park and into the sea.  There is a huge splash, and as the splash subsides a giant squid falls back into the water.)

WordGirl:  My work here is done!  Word Up!  (She flies away)

Scoops (writing on his notepad):  Hmm... cumbersome!

Violet:  Becky!  Did you see that?  (looks around)  Becky??

(WordGirl zips back to the scene dressed as Becky once again)

Becky:  Did I see what?

Violet:  WordGirl!

Becky:  Oh, no, I was umm...tying my shoe.  (winks and gives a thumbs up to the audience)  C'mon, we're going to be late for our art lesson!

Violet:  Who were you winking at?

Narrator:  And so, the city is saved from a cumbersome meteorite.  All thanks to WordGirl!  (From offscreen, Huggy chatters in frustration)  Oh, and Captain Huggy Face.

Narrator:  Tune in next time to... The Amazing Colossal Adventures of WordGirl!

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