Captain Tangent
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Name Captain Tangent
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation ex-employee at Blackbeard's Buffet
Alignment Villain
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Abilities Magnetic hook
Voice Actor John Henson

Brian Stack (The Penny, the Pony, and the Pirate)

Captain Tangent is a villain who made his debut in Season Three of WordGirl in his self-titled episode, voiced by John Henson, and later by Brian Stack. He is a misguided teenager who was fired from Blackbeard's Buffet all-you-can-eat resturant for continually telling stories that kept going off on tangents (such as "running around in circles" or "giving an inch and taking a mile") instead of serving customers their meals. When he was fired, he was ordered to give up the Hook and Parrot (Oscar) that he carried around, but he ran instead. He wound up coming upon 'the treasure of old Nobeard,' which suddenly 'cursed' him by magnetizing his hook, and enabling his Oscar to speak.

He is obsessed with proving himself to be a true pirate, and to that end, his crimes involve coins (he mistakenly refers to them as 'doubloons,' but actual gold doubloons haven't been made for over a 150 years). He usually steals them by attracting them with his hook. When WordGirl tries to stop him, he throws nearby metal objects at her (again, with his hook) to stop her. His lair is hidden in an old shipwreck, and is decorated with 'authentic' pirate paraphernalia, such as treasure chests and anchors.

Oscar helps him in his crimes, but at times seems to have more common sense than his boss (and is equally irritated by his tangents.). Also, like most parrots, he is unable to resist crackers.


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