Bosco from her cameo in "Becky and the Bard".

Bosco is a minor character on the series WordGirl. She is a small, brown-furred monkey, who (unlike Huggy) has a tail. Her first appearance was as the monkey assistant of Prof. Tubing in "A Game of Cat and Mouse". She is also on a news team as well as working for Tubing.

Her next, albeit cameo appearance, was in "Becky and the Bard". In said episode, she was Bob's date at a restaurant. This, combined with her more petite look and higher vocal range than Bob, gives the idea that she is, in fact, female.

Her next cameo appearance was a brief moment in the beginning of "Kids Action News". Bosco cameos as Tea Pot the Weather-Monkey, who gives the weather every day on Action News at Noon. For this role she wears a cheery yellow outfit. However, she was not shown in the rest of this episode, due to Bob taking over the role of Weather-Monkey for the day.

Her most recent cameo was in the episode "Who's Your Granny?" with Professor Tubing, in a lab that held the world's only rocket-powered toothbrush.