Bootsy knows (s)he's cool

Bootsy from "Mouse-Zilla"

Bootsy is a minor character in the series WordGirl. He is an orange cat, with lighter orange spots, and wears a large pink bow and sunglasses. He is very famous, mainly for his lead role in the film Sir Kitty.

Bootsy's first appearance was in the episode "Mouse-Zilla", as the star of a hit film, and Becky needed to get his autograph for the City's scavenger hunt. Dr. Two Brains was terrified of him in the episode "Mouse-Zilla", and Tobey teased him about it.

He also made a cameo in "Oh, What a Tangled Rope You Tie, Amazing Rope Guy", on the TV show Celebrity Skeeball.

In First One to Win Wins, a billboard of Bootsy can be seen on top of a building as The Butcher walks by it.