" Nah I'm pretty sure I don't. "
Grocery Store Manager
Name Bill
A/K/A Bill the grocery store manager
Gender Male
Age Unknown (possibly adult or elder)
Occupation Grocery store manager
Alignment Food, good (evil in the past)
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Unknown
Family Unknown
Voice Actor Mike 'O Connell
Grocery Store Manager

Bill, the grocery store manager runs the local Grocery Store in Fair City. He talks in a strange, sing-songy manner, and is often convinced that the villains and, sometimes, WordGirl herself, are trying to get a job at the store. His name is never said, and even Becky doesn't know his name, seeing as how she referred to him once as "that guy, who manages the grocery store".

In "Caper or Plastic", it is revealed that he used to be a super villain called "The Masked Bagger". He only enjoyed bagging things, not actually stealing. After his super villain career, he returned the goods he stole and got a job at the grocery store.

In the voice cast, it states his name is Bill.