Transcript for Big and Brent

(Scene: Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy's room. He's lying on the couch, playing video games.)

Narrator: Another exciting day in the city! (Pause. Chuck continues playing.) Uh... Huh.

Chuck: (sighs) Ma! I'm so bored!

Chuck's Mom: (from upstairs) Call up your brother Brent! You haven't seen him in forever!

Chuck: Brent?! No! What's he gonna do, stand there and be handsome and successful around me? I don't want to hang around with him!

Chuck's Mom: Chuck! Call your brother!

Chuck: Fine...

(Scene: The minigolf course. Brent's cellphone, which is twice the size of his head, is ringing, and he answers it.)

Brent: Hello. Brent the Handsome, Successful, Everyone-Loves-Him Sandwich-Making Guy's phone. Brent speaking.

Chuck: (on the phone) Brent, it's Chuck.

Brent: Hey, Chuck! So great to hear from you!

Chuck: Mom told me to call and ask you to hang out. You want to go see a movie? Or if you don't want, that'd be good.

Brent: Oh, Chuck, I'd really love to, (Chuck slaps his forehead in frustration) but I'm actually out miniature golfing with a friend.

Chuck: Really?! (insincerely) Ah, that's too bad. Bye! (moves the phone away from his ear and sighs in relief) Glad I got out of that one.

Brent: Hey, Chuck, I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, but you haven't hung up the phone. You know, if you wanted to come join us-- (Chuck hangs up.) Chuck? Now he hangs up.

(Chuck grins before coming to a realization.)

Chuck: Wait a minute. Brent's hanging out with somebody who isn't me?! Since when does he have another friend?! Wh-what, does he think this guy is cooler than me?! We'll see about that. (grabs his condiment ray)

(Scene: The minigolf course. Captain Huggy Face putts a golf ball into the hole. WordGirl has Steve McClean trapped by a unicorn statue with a bag of money under him.)

Narrator: Meanwhile at the minigolf course...

WordGirl: All right, that's wrapped up.

(She sees Chuck driving by and groans, then grabs Captain Huggy Face and goes after him. A golfer barely jumps out of the way from Chuck, who is too annoyed to notice him. WordGirl stops the car.)

WordGirl: Chuck! What are you doing?!

Chuck: Sorry, WordGirl. I'm just gonna go look for my brother, all right?

WordGirl: (disbelieving) Uh-huh. Seems like you're looking for trouble, Chuck. (Captain Huggy Face grabs the condiment ray and throws it to her.) Think I'll just take this, thank you very much.

Chuck: Fine.

WordGirl: And Chuck, get your car out of here! You're ruining the green!

Chuck: (spots Brent and his friend) Okay, hold the mayo, Brent! Who's this friend that's so cool you can't hang out with your brother? And he better not be handsome!

Brent: Hey, I tried to invite you. I asked-- (His friend turns around, revealing himself to be Mr. Big.)

Mr. Big: Hello, Chuck!

Chuck: (gasps) Mr. Big?! Brent! You're hanging out with a villain who isn't me?!

Brent: Uh, Ch--

Mr. Big: (interrupting him) Brent, allow me. Now, Chuck, I may have a dubious past, but Brent and I are just here to have fun! We aren't conspiring to commit some crime!

Chuck: No, something's off here! Why would anyone want to hang out with you instead of me?!

Brent: Oh, here we go.

Mr. Big: I'm just happy to have the chance to pick the mind of the man who invented crustless bread.

Chuck: Enough! I see what's going on here. Brent, you're under mind control!

Mr. Big: Uh... How dare you?!

Chuck: WordGirl!

(Scene: The movie theater. Bob squeaks and points at a movie poster.)

Becky: Yeah, let's see that. I heard it was really good, too. (hears Chuck calling for her)

Chuck: (in the distance) WordGirl, I need my condiment ray back now!

Becky: (sighs) Hold our spot. I'll be right back.

(Back at the minigolf course, Chuck is holding Brent.)

Chuck: Don't worry, brother. Help is on the way.

Brent: Oh, brother... Chuck, I don't need any hel-- (Chuck shushes him.) But--

Chuck: Thank me later, Brent.

(Brent sighs in exasperation. WordGirl zooms in.)

WordGirl: All right. What's the problem here?

Chuck: Thank goodness you're here! (points at Mr. Big) Let's get him!

WordGirl: Um, okay. For what?

Mr. Big: I've done nothing wrong, WordGirl. Charles here is clearly dubious about my new friendship with Brent, but I assure you--

Chuck: Wait, what does dubious mean?

WordGirl: Ah. Well, dubious means you're not sure if you believe something or not. You're dubious when Mr. Big says he's not up to anything, because he has a villainous past.

Chuck: That's right, WordGirl! He's obviously mind-controlling my brother! Take him away! (walks off)

Mr. Big: (following him) Chuck, I'm not doing anything wrong.

WordGirl: Brent, what's going on? You don't look very mind-controlled.

(Chuck and Mr. Big fight over a golf club in the background.)

Brent: I'm not! There's nothing dubious here, WordGirl. You know, I think Chuck is upset because he wanted to hang around with me.

Chuck: (throws Mr. Big away) I don't want to hang around with you, but you should want to hang around with me!

Brent: I do want to--

Mr. Big: (grabs Brent's shoulders) Thank you, WordGirl. Now if you'll excuse us, the giant mechanical clown is calling. (points at a hole shaped like a giant clown head that laughs evilly)

Chuck: Okay, maybe you're not under mind control. You just don't want to minigolf with me because I always get the high score! Have fun with your dubious friend.

Brent: Chuck! (Chuck turns away defiantly. Brent sadly follows Mr. Big.)

WordGirl: Chuck, what's going on here?

Chuck: I'm letting Brent know I should be the one he hangs out with, not Mr. Big or anybody else. Can't you just arrest them both?

WordGirl: What?! No! It's not like they're conspiring to commit some big crime.

Mr. Big: Hole in one! Way to go, bro! (high-fives Brent)

Brent: Yeah! Woo!

Chuck: (growls in anger) Whatever! I don't need Brent! I can have fun on my own. (WordGirl looks at the clown as he walks off.)

(Scene: The movie theater. Chuck is buying a ticket to the same movie Bob wanted to go to.)

Chuck: I heard this was good.

(Scene: Chuck takes his seat in the auditorium. Becky and Bob are already watching the movie.)

Scottish man: That dubious guy I thought was my friend turned out to be bad news! I'm begging you, brother, can you ever forgive me?

(Becky points at Chuck. Bob shrugs and eats more popcorn.)

Second man: Hey, what are brothers for?

Chuck: See, that's the way it should be!

Moviegoer: Shh!

Chuck: (sees something and gasps) I don't believe it! (Brent and Mr. Big take their seats in the auditorium.) Brent and Mr. Big?! Oh, please! But Brent couldn't come see this with me?

Mr. Big: I heard this was really good.

Chuck: Hey, out there! Could you please keep it down and listen to the movie? Maybe you could learn something!

Brent: Chuck, is that you?

Chuck: That's it! Oh, WordGirl!

(Becky grits her teeth in annoyance, then shows up as WordGirl next to Chuck.)

WordGirl: What, Chuck?!

Chuck: Oh, that was quick. Brent and Mr. Big followed me here, and they're trying to ruin the movie for me!

Mr. Big: Oh, that's rich! You think we've spent all day conspiring to ruin your time?

Chuck: I might be thinking that... WordGirl, what does conspire mean?

WordGirl: To conspire means to plan together to get something done.

Moviegoer: Shh!

WordGirl: (whispering) Oh, sorry. Usually with a sinister or evil goal. So yes, you think Mr. Big and Brent have conspired to ruin the movie for you. (stops whispering) Because you think they came in here with a plan to do just that!

Moviegoer: Shh!

WordGirl: (whispering) Sorry!

Mr. Big: Dubious notion, Chuck! We're not--

Chuck: Talking during the movie? Arrest that man, WordGirl!

Brent: Well, we're all here. Can we not--

Usher: (interrupting him) Ahem.

(Everyone is seen leaving the movie theater.)

Chuck: You guys made me miss the feel-good buddy movie of the year!

Mr. Big: Ha! Come on, Brent. Let's go talk more important business guy stuff. (Brent sadly follows him.) Tell me more about your pickle-scented napkins.

(Brent looks at Chuck and shrugs. Chuck turns away again.)

Brent: Chuck! Aw... (goes after Mr. Big, downcast)

Chuck: (waits until Brent is out of eyeshot, then looks sad) Aww...

WordGirl: Chuck, what are you doing? I mean, don't you want to hang around with Brent?

Chuck: Pfft! No I don't! (Captain Huggy Face slaps his forehead. WordGirl flies off and Chuck looks down sadly.) Whatever! There's no way Mr. Big is more fun than me! I'm gonna make Brent wish he stuck with the Chuck!

(A montage begins. First, Brent and Mr. Big are at the aquarium. Chuck, wearing a diving suit, waves at them from within one of the tanks. Brent smiles nervously while Mr. Big frowns. He smiles when Brent looks at him, then goes back to frowning once he's no longer paying attention. Suddenly, a shark appears behind Chuck, who flees in panic. Mr. Big points in delight as Brent looks concerned.)

(Next, Brent and Mr. Big are flying kites at the beach. Chuck flies by on a jetpack and knocks down Mr. Big's kite, replacing it with his own. Suddenly, he loses control and crashes. Brent and Mr. Big react the same way as at the aquarium. Then, Brent and Mr. Big are shown playing bumper cars at the amusement park. Chuck knocks Mr. Big away with a giant bumper car. A little girl bumps into his car, sending him crashing through the wall. Mr. Big reappears while grinning evilly as Brent, once again, looks concerned.)

(Scene: The ice cream parlor. Becky is eating ice cream with Bob when she hears Chuck calling for her.)

Chuck: WordGirl!

Becky: Ugh, this is ridiculous!

(Scene: Chuck is still sitting in his giant bumper car, which is stuck in the ground. WordGirl zooms in next to him.)

WordGirl: (exasperated) Yes?

Chuck: Who does Brent think he is, going off making friends, leaving his brother behind?

WordGirl: Chuck, you have to realize Brent is going to make friends with other people who aren't you. (pulls him out of the bumper car's driver seat) He's your brother. You should just talk to him. (She takes off, and Chuck sighs.)

(Scene: Mr. Big's mansion. Chuck's giant sandwich press positions itself above the mansion. Chuck enters through the front door and approaches Brent, who is sitting in a couch, facing away from Chuck.)

Chuck: Hey, Brent. (Brent doesn't look at him.) I kind of lost it earlier, and I'm sorry. When I saw you with Mr. Big, I felt like I'd been replaced! (Brent still doesn't react.) Oh, not talking to me. Real nice, Brent. I try to be the bigger, more mature guy, and--

Mr. Big: (standing nearby, holding a clipboard) Well, time is money, Brent, so let's get a move on with-- (notices Chuck) Oh! You! So you've found me out!

(Chuck looks at Brent, who is revealed to be under mind control, and gasps.)

Mr. Big: You were right to think something dubious was going on, Chuck, but it wasn't your brother and me conspiring to make you feel left out.

Chuck: I knew that the whole time! Well, most of the whole time. I like to be honest.

Mr. Big: Yes, well, now that I have Brent under mind control, I can force him to tell me all of his secret recipes. Soon I'll put him out of business! (He snaps his fingers, and two guards appear to drag Chuck out of the mansion.)

Chuck: No! Brent, don't do it! WordGirl!

(Becky, sitting on a seesaw with Bob, hears him calling for her and sighs.)

Becky: Another dubious call for help. Well, not this time, Chuck! No way.

(Cut back to Mr. Big's mansion. Chuck is banging at the window.)

Chuck: Brent, don't do it! WordGirl, where are you?!

Brent: Recipe for Brent's famous peanut butter... (Mr. Big starts writing.)

Chuck: Don't worry, Brent!

Brent: Mix three cups peanuts...

Chuck: Your baby brother's gonna save the day! (runs off)

Brent: And the final, top-secret step to making my famous crustless bread...

(Chuck is standing on his sandwich press, which is rising.)

Brent: Take the loaf of bread...

(Chuck runs for the big, red button.)

Brent: ...and cut off the--

(A crash is heard, and Brent's mind control is broken. Chuck is revealed to have destroyed Mr. Big's mind control device and part of the roof.)

Mr. Big: Chuck! What are you doing?!

(At the playground, Becky hears Mr. Big's outburst and takes off as WordGirl.)

Mr. Big: What have you done to my fabulous home?!

(WordGirl shows up and grabs Chuck.)

Mr. Big: Take him away, WordGirl!

Brent: Don't listen to him, WordGirl! Chuck saved me!

WordGirl: Really?

Brent: Really! He uncovered Mr. Big's plan to use mind control on me.

Mr. Big: Well, I'm glad you guys worked that out, so I'll just be heading out the door here, and I'll-- (runs out of the front door)

(WordGirl flies after him as Mr. Big heads for his helicopter. She hands Chuck his condiment ray.)

WordGirl: Get him! (Chuck blasts Mr. Big with mustard, trapping him.)

Chuck: (laughs in delight) Yeah!

WordGirl: (drops him) Way to go, Chuck!

Mr. Big: You'll be billed for this.

Brent: (walks up to them) Wow, Chuck. Thanks to you and mustard, I now see my former friend revealed as he truly is: really not a friend at all.

Chuck: (chuckles) Yeah. Oh, no problem, I enjoyed it!

Brent: Well, now that I'm freed up, do you want to take my company's rocket to the moon?

Chuck: Eh... (Brent looks at him with puppy-dog eyes.) I kind of just wanted to go finish that movie with you.

Brent: Sure! What are brothers for? I heard that in a movie once. (walks off with Chuck)

(WordGirl takes off as the police approaches Mr. Big.)

Narrator: And with Mr. Big's dubious intentions exposed, all is well. (WordGirl lands on the seesaw again as Becky, sending Bob flying. She catches him as he falls down) So the next time you and your friends need to conspire a plan for a good time, look no further than the next exciting episode of WordGirl!

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