Big Left Hand Guy
Big left hand guy
Name Big Left Hand Guy
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Villain/Villain school student
Alignment Evil
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Invisi-Bill
Abilities Big Left Hand

Big Left Hand Guy is a minor villain from the series WordGirl, voiced by Mike O'Connell. As his name says, he has an unusually large left hand and forearm.


Big Left Hand Guy was first seen in the episode Villain School. In this episode, he was one of three novice villains trying to steal Michelangelo's Whistle for the Coach, along with Ms. Question and Timmy Tim-Bo. His power is raising said left hand, which he uses to hail one of only three cabs in all of Fair City. While his classmates and The Whammer were caught by WordGirl, Big Left Hand Guy escaped with the whistle, and The Coach promoted him from novice villain to expert for his efforts. When WordGirl showed up, however, he was demoted back to novice, and arrested alongside The Coach. In the same episode, Big Left Hand Guy seemed to like The Whammer's butter pie.

Most of his appearances since then have been minor, such as in "Who is Ms. Question?", where he was one of the villains graduating from The Coach's School for Evil Villains and Arch-Enemies, along with Invisi-Bill.

He was featured in the Season Three episode "The Invisi-Bill Hand", where he worked with Invisi-Bill on a series of crimes (Invisi-Bill would turn invisible and steal the item in front of bewildered citizens, and Big Left Hand Guy would hail the taxi), but when Invisi-Bill was left behind, their duo fell apart, and WordGirl apprehended Big Left Hand Guy as Invisi-Bill left (although Invisi-Bill was also arrested later in the episode).

Big Left Hand Guy appeared again in Chuck and Brent Ride Again, robbing the bank at the beginning while Chuck was distracted by talking to Brent.

He appeared yet again in "Where Have All the Villains Gone?", where he was among the city's villains eliminated by Ms. Question. When he was zapped by Ms. Question's amnesia powers, Big Left Hand Guy even questioned why his left hand was so big (giving The Butcher a high-five in Ms. Question's net shortly after), but he later returned to town with the other villains and used his hand to signal a paddy wagon used to take Ms. Question to jail.

In "Plain Old Mischief Makers, he once again collaborated with Invisi-Bill. Their plan involved robbing the jewelry store, only to get each of their attempts foiled by WordGirl. They eventually ended up in jail again after WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face used Big Left Hand Guy's ability to hail a cab against him and Invisi-Bill.

He makes his last appearance in The Power of Whamship, where he's seen attending the villain school barbeque at the beach.