Angel face

Angel face

Angelface is just one of Becky's extensive unicorn figurine collection. Despite repeated warnings from Becky, T.J. Botsford has ventured into her room on multiple occasions to play with Angelface, usually with disastrous results. Angelface has been broken and replaced multiple times, often with comedic effect, much to Becky's chagrin.

SparkleToes is one of the recent unicorns that Becky has received. In the episode "The Rise of Miss Power," Chuck had bought SparkleToes at a toy sale, much to WordGirl's anger. After the battle with Chuck, Miss Power stole the figurine from Chuck and gave it to WordGirl at the end of the episode segment.

SparklePants is the newest in Pretty Princess merchandise. It was introduced in "Hal the Haggler" by a commercial. The pony was said to be ten dollars and the commercial revealed that the "Sparkly Pants" were sold separately. The figurine was also seen at the end of the Pretty Princess episode in "The Rise of Miss Power" when the PPMPPH ended. As TJ was watching you could see it on the coffee table, along with several others.

Princess Beauty was only really been seen once, in "Jerky Jerk." Bob almost knocked it over, leading to Becky telling him that he was clumsy with his new glasses on.