Beau Handsome
Name Beau Handsome
A/K/A Mr. Handsome (as he is referred to by Emily and Becky)
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Host of "May I Have a Word?"
Homeland Possibly Fair City
Race Human
Friends Captain Huggyface
Belle Stunning (ex-girlfriend)
Voice Actor Ryan Raddatz
Tom Kenny (Tell Her What She's Won!)

Beau Handsome is the host of the game show May I Have a Word? from Wordgirl which shows in the middle of each episode and after the second episode per episode. He has stated that his first name means "good-looking" in French. Beau has an old girlfriend named Belle Stunning.  In the show he hosts the show May I Have a Word? Twice a day, every day.  He is also attracted to his own image. He also has brighter smile than Seymour Smooth.


  • "WordGirl, I think you're absolutely correct!"
  • "Huggy, show our loser what he's won!"
  • "Tell him what he's won!"
  • "Emily, you are today's winner."
  • "You're all winners."