Main Round

Beau Handsome: Hello! I'm Beau Handsome, and this is...

Audience: May I Have a Word!

Beau Handsome: As usual, the player who correctly defines today's featured word will win a fabulous prize! Let's play...

Audience: May I Have a Word!

Beau Handsome: Yes, you may! Today's featured word is APPREHEND. To give you a clue, here are some clips from WordGirl that show the meaning of the word.

(Clip 1: Officer Jim escorting Granny May off to jail)

(Clip 2: Police Commissioner Watson and another officer taking Invisi-Bill to jail)

(Clip 3: Police Commissioner Watson and officer taking Captain Tangent and Oscar to jail)

(Tommy rings in.)

Beau Handsome: Yes? Tommy!

Tommy: Apprehend means to dress like a pirate, like Captain Tangent in that last scene, or like me this past Halloween! (shows a photo) Check it out!

Beau Handsome: I'm sorry, that's incorrect.

Tommy: I did TOO dress like a pirate!

Beau Handsome: No, I mean the definition you gave for apprehend is incorrect.

Tommy: I'm not following.

(Phil rings in.)

Beau Handsome: Yes, Phil?

Phil: Apprehend means to capture and take to jail. In all those clips, the police were apprehending the bad guys.

Beau Handsome: Correct! Congratulations, Phil! You are today's winner! Huggy, show him what he's won!

Beau (voiceover): An official Captain Tangent private costume!

(Huggy is dressed like a pirate, complete with hat, parrot, eye patch, and hook.)

(Audience ooohs.)

Beau Handsome: That seems a bit coincidental. Well, that's it for today's episode. See you next time on...

Audience: May I have a Word!

Bonus Round

Beau: Hello, I'm Beau Handsome, and this is the bonus round of...

Audience: May I Have a Word!

Beau: Our returning champion will have a chance to play for even greater prizes on the bonus round! Phil, you correctly defined the word apprehend. Ready to play the bonus round?

Phil: All right!

Beau: Great! Take a look at these three pictures, and tell me which one shows the definition for apprehend.

(Picture 1: Officer Jim and another officer taking Amazing Rope Guy to jail)

(Picture 2: Dr. Two-Brains reaching for something in his pocket)

(Picture 3: Chuck paying Hal Hardbargain for something)

Beau: Okay, give it a shot, Phil!

Phil: I think it's number 1. It looks like the police are apprehending the Amazing Rope Guy.

Beau: That's correct! Which means, you're our bonus round winner! Huggy, show him what he's won!

Beau (voiceover): An official Captain Tangent pirate ship!

(The curtains open, showing a pirate ship floating in a backyard pool. Huggy is standing in the crow's nest in pirate costume, looking through a spyglass. One of the sails on the ship has a modified Jolly Roger sign, with a fork and knife instead of crossbones.)

(Audience claps and cheers.)

Phil: Uh, how am I supposed to get it home?

Beau: No idea. See you next time on...

Audience: May I Have a Word!

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