S1E3a WordGirl pushing horse
"Huggy, I need your help!"

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Wordgirl: Whoops! Duck!

Chuck: AAAAAH!

Reginald: My Mustache!

Wordgirl: Sorry...

Edith: Reginald, I need to see your finest--ohmy(flashback ends)

Reginald: And that's what happened, as best as I could recollect

Chuck:Almost makes you want to let me rob him, huh?

Wordgirl:, Yeah, almost. (starts getting sprayed by Chuck) whoa!

Reginald: Aah! there's a monkey on my head!

Wordgirl: Hey! cut it out!

Reginald: Don't touch my mustache! Aah! Aah!

Chuck: Hey, watch it!

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