Transcript for A Few Words From WordGirl

(Scene: Woodview Elementary. A crowd is watching in horror as Tobey, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, and Eileen the Birthday Girl are all attacking the school building at once.)

Narrator: The air is so thick with tension you could cut it with a tension-cutting knife.

(Becky walks away from the crowd when nobody is watching. Chuck begins to lower his gigantic sandwich press, Eileen prepares to throw a punch, and Tobey activates his robot. Just when they're about to strike the school building, Wordgirl catches the press and the robot's and Eileen's fists.)

Principal: Look, it's WordGirl!

(Quick as a flash, WordGirl ties up Eileen with the robot's arm and grabs Tobey by the collar. Captain Huggy Face shakes a finger at Chuck. The scene cuts to a school bus driving away with Chuck and Tobey inside and Eileen on top. The school principal, standing nearby, walks up to WordGirl.)

Principal: Oh, WordGirl, you saved the day again. Your heroics, big and small, are an inspiration to us all.

WordGirl: An inspiration? (laughs bashfully) I don't know...

Principal: You don't? Why not?

WordGirl: Well, an inspiration is someone with such good behavior that she makes other people want to be their very best.

Principal: That pretty much sums you up. Now, it just so happens that we're celebrating inspiration day next week, and I'm looking for someone to give the inspirational big speech. (starts to walk away, then turns around) Hey, could you do it?

WordGirl: Uh... Okay! You know, I've got lots of inspiring things to say, like--

Principal: Don't give it away! Save it for the speech. (drives away in his car)

WordGirl: See you next week, then. Come on, Huggy. (flies away)

(Scene: The Botsford residence.)

Narrator: The next day, at the Botsford residence...

(Becky and Violet are writing notes together as Bob is eating snacks.)

Becky: (clears her throat) So, um, WordGirl's inspirational speech is coming up. Pretty exciting, huh?

Violet: I am counting down the days! (uses her pen to count on her fingers) There are three days left.

Becky: I wonder if, and I'm just running this idea by you as a total guess... Maybe her speech will be about... WordGirl's favorite colors? Pretty good idea, right? That would probably inspire people to think about their own favorite colors. (Bob gives her a thumbs up.)

Violet: That's an okay idea if you're a regular kid, but I bet WordGirl will come up with an even better idea than that, since she is a superhero.

Becky: So, maybe WordGirl could talk about her favorite food, then?

Violet: Becky, it's WordGirl. (Becky crosses out her note.) I bet her speech will be brilliant! Birds will want to fly higher. Gophers will want to dig deeper.

Becky: The time she replaced a lightbulb?

Violet: Becky! Why are you trying so hard to come up with an inspirational speech idea? WordGirl is the one who has to talk in front of all the teachers and the parents and the principal and every kid in the school and the class pets and the WordGirl Appreciation Society. (As she speaks, Becky grows more and more nervous and slowly sinks under the table.)

(Time skip to two days later. The sun is rising on the Botsford residence as Becky looks through her notes in front of a mirror.)

Narrator: It's the morning of the speech, and it looks like Becky is going over all the inspirational things WordGirl will be saying.

Becky: (clears her throat) People ask me, is it my amazing vocabulary that makes me a hero? And I say no. It's also my ability to fly and my super hearing. So the point is... you should all get super hearing. (Bob applauds her with an insincere smile. Becky crumples up her note.) Oh, this is impossible! (She throws the note into a trash can filled with crumpled notes as TJ walks in.)

TJ: Hey, a paper volcano! You know, that's exactly what I do when I'm dawdling instead of doing homework.

Becky: It is?

TJ: Yeah, but thinking about WordGirl's speech inspired me to finish all my homework last night. It's like she's inspiring me already, and she hasn't even given her speech yet. That's how inspirational WordGirl is.

Becky: Wow. Do you remember what she hasn't said yet that inspired you?

TJ: Huh? Becky, quit dawdling and let's get to school. WordGirl is supposed to be there today! Unless she has to do something more important, like fighting a bad guy or something.

Becky: That is more important than a speech! TJ, I'll meet you at school. I just remembered I have to, uh, brush my homework. (takes a hairbrush and brushes her notecards)

TJ: Brush my homework?

(As soon as TJ is out of view, Becky grabs Bob and flies out of the room.)

(Scene: Dr. Two-Brains' hideout.)

Narrator: Across town, in Dr. Two-Brains' evil lair...

(WordGirl flies in through an open window.)

WordGirl: Stop right there! You won't get away with this, Dr. Two-Brains!

(Dr. Two-Brains, wearing a dressing gown and having his hair in curlers, is holding a glass of orange juice.)

Dr. Two-Brains: Huh? I won't get away with drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice?

WordGirl: Oh. Um... Don't you mean freshly stolen orange juice?!

Dr. Two-Brains: No. Squeezed. Fresh from my orange tree over there.

(Cut to an orange tree in a flowerpot, with a basket full of oranges next to it. An orange falls off the tree. Captain Huggy Face seems very interested and jumps off WordGirl's back.)

WordGirl: Oh.

Dr. Two-Brains: Look, WordGirl, you can't just barge into a villain's lair for no reason.

WordGirl: I have a reason! I'm stopping crime! (sits down on Dr. Two-Brains' couch) And if stopping crime keeps me from doing my inspiration day speech, well... that's a sacrifice I'll just have to make. (Dr. Two-Brains glares at her for a few seconds.) Okay. The truth is, I don't want to give the speech, because I can't think of anything to say!

Dr. Two-Brains: That is bad. Oh! You could talk about your favorite color. (WordGirl makes a reluctant noise.) Your favorite words?

WordGirl: I thought of those ideas too, but this speech is for inspiration day, which means it has to be so good it makes people want to do something great or create something beautiful!

Dr. Two-Brains: Look, I think you're making this harder than it needs to be.

WordGirl: Really?

Dr. Two-Brains: You're WordGirl! Your actions inspire people more than anything you could say.

WordGirl: You think?

Dr. Two-Brains: You could go onstage and talk about what you ate for breakfast, and they'd be happy.

WordGirl: (unconvinced) Yeah, yeah... (sees the remote to Dr. Two-Brains' TV) Hey! Cool remote control!

Dr. Two-Brains: Mm-hmm. Now you're just dawdling.

WordGirl: I know... (Captain Huggy Face, his suit stuffed with oranges, pops up behind the couch and points towards the exit.) I guess I'd better get over to the school. Unless you're willing to-- I mean, planning on committing a crime. Maybe you can rob the cheese delivery van.

Dr. Two-Brains: That sounds like it's full of cheese! ...I'll think about it.

WordGirl: Yes! Thanks, Dr. Two-Brains. (flies off)

Dr. Two-Brains: But I'm not making any promises!

(Scene: Near the school building. A few children are heading to school.)

Narrator: Later, at school, everyone is excited to hear WordGirl's speech! But WordGirl keeps dawdling.

(WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face are sitting on the school's bell tower. Captain Huggy Face is drinking a glass of orange juice.)

WordGirl: I am not dawdling. I am thinking about what to say, and you interrupting me isn't helping.

Narrator: Sorry.

(Captain Huggy Face takes a drink of orange juice while WordGirl whistles. Suddenly, she hears Dr. Two-Brains laughing maniacally in the distance.)

WordGirl: (gasps happily) Uh-oh! I hear trouble! Sounds like a job for WordGirl! (flies away with Captain Huggy Face, who drops his glass of juice)

(Scene: The hardware store. Dr. Two-Brains prepares to grab something, then reaches into his coat.)

WordGirl: If it isn't Dr. Two-Brains! Robbing the hardware store, eh?

Cashier: He wasn't robbing me. (Dr. Two-Brains takes a wad of money out of his coat and pays her.) Look, he's in the middle of handing me money.

WordGirl: Oh. Well, anyway, I'm surprised to see you here, and not trying to rob the cheese delivery van like you said you would.

Dr. Two-Brains: I said I'd think about it. And then I thought, "Hey, if I'm gonna do it, I'll need a new ray," but I was running low on bolts and duct tape, so, zip, off to the store.

WordGirl: Ugh! Please stop dawdling.

Cashier: Dawdles?! Oh no! Hide! (hides behind the counter)

WordGirl: Uh... I'm not sure you know what the word dawdle means.

Cashier: No, but it sounds dangerous, doesn't it? Dawdle...

WordGirl: This may take a while, but I'll try to explain what the word dawdle means. (sits down in a garden chair) Let's see. Dawdle. Dawdle... Um... How should I explain this?

Dr. Two-Brains: Oh, brother! Just look at yourself, WordGirl. Dawdling instead of defining the word dawdle! Too bad the word of the day wasn't "ironic"...

WordGirl: Okay, okay! Dawdle is a word that means you're supposed to do one thing, but you waste time doing a bunch of other little things instead.

Cashier: Oh! (stands up) So, dawdling isn't a crime. (to Dr. Two-Brains) I thought you were going to commit a crime. (Dr. Two-Brains waves her off)

WordGirl: So did I, and soon! And if you do, you can bet I'll do whatever it takes to stop you, even if it takes all day... because I have nothing to say that will be an inspiration to anyone! (Her super hearing picks up the principal's voice.)

Principal: Welcome to inspiration day! In a moment, I'll introduce our inspirational speaker, the never, ever late WordGirl!

WordGirl: Ah! They're about to introduce me!

Dr. Two-Brains: Oh, thank goodness.

WordGirl: But there's still time for you to save me, so I hope you'll do the right thing and commit a crime.

(WordGirl flies away with Captain Huggy Face, and Dr. Two-Brains sighs in exasperation.)

(Scene: The school auditorium. WordGirl is backstage as the audience is waiting for her to show up.)

WordGirl: (rehearsing) "Breakfast is important for a superhero, and this morning, I had toast." Ugh! That wasn't inspirational at all!

Principal: (from on stage) It's my honor to introduce the greatest hero this city has ever known, (WordGirl gulps loudly.) a girl who inspires us with her actions and her words. Please welcome... WordGirl.

(The curtain rises. The audience cheers for a second, but then stops when they realize that WordGirl is not behind it.)

Principal: I guess WordGirl had to zip off and stop a crime or something. I'm sure it's important. She wouldn't just... (sighs) Anyway, until she gets back, how would you children like to hear the inspirational story of how I became a principal? (laughs nervously)

Scene: The park. Dr. Two-Brains is carrying his purchases. WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face, disguised and covering their faces with reading material, are sitting on a bench with some cheese next to them. Dr. Two-Brains sees it and gasps.)

Dr. Two-Brains: Unlabeled cheese left alone in a park? (grabs some of the cheese) Is it my birthday?

(Dr. Two-Brains eats the cheese, and WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face throw away their reading material.)

WordGirl: Aha! You've stolen the park bench cheese!

Dr. Two-Brains: Uh... I... What now?

(WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face throw off their disguises.)

WordGirl: That cheese didn't belong to you, and you ate it anyway! I call that stealing!

Dr. Two-Brains: That was public bench cheese, and you know it! Look, that policeman's eating the cheese too. (gestures to a policeman sitting on the bench doing just that)

Policeman: So I wasn't supposed to eat this cheese? Should... I arrest myself? (eats the last of the cheese, then handcuffs himself to the bench)

Dr. Two-Brains: You know, WordGirl, this day would be much easier for both of us if you'd just go give the speech!

WordGirl: I know! But why can't I think of anything inspirational to say?

Dr. Two-Brains: Do you know how to talk?

WordGirl: Yes.

Dr. Two-Brains: Good! Now get your inspirational self in front of a crowd, start talking, and boom, you're giving an inspirational speech!

WordGirl: How will I know what to say?

Dr. Two-Brains: I don't know. How do you know what to say when you're talking to me?

WordGirl: It just comes out naturally.

Dr. Two-Brains: Exactly! Get out of here!

WordGirl: Well, this has been a very inspirational conversation. (Dr. Two-Brains enters his van and prepares to drive away.) I guess I don't need you to commit a crime after all.

Dr. Two-Brains: Glad to hear it! Now hurry back to school and make with the blah, blah, blah.

WordGirl: Okay. Come on, Huggy.

(WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face fly away just as the cheese delivery van drives by Dr. Two-Brains.)

Dr. Two-Brains: You know, suddenly, robbing that cheese delivery van seems like a fantastic idea!

(Dr. Two-Brains follows the van, honking at it. He presses a button at his dashboard and a gigantic magnet emerges from the van's roof. The magnet attracts all the cheese out of the back of the delivery van. WordGirl, flying ahead, spots the crime and gasps.)

WordGirl: Huggy! (She flies down, and Dr. Two-Brains sees her coming.)

Dr. Two-Brains: Uh-oh.

(WordGirl lands on the roof, destroying the magnet. Within seconds, Dr. Two-Brains is surrounded by police cars.)

Dr. Two-Brains: WordGirl, come on! Don't I deserve a little cheese for helping you?

WordGirl: Sure. Huggy?

(Captain Huggy Face, eating cheese from off the ground, tosses some to Dr. Two-Brains.)

Dr. Two-Brains: Oh! Don't mind if I do! (eats the cheese)

(WordGirl grabs Captain Huggy Face and flies off to the school.)

(Scene: The auditorium. The principal is still telling his story to a bored audience.)

Principal: And that's when the superintendent came to me and said--

TJ: (points to the sky) Hey, look! WordGirl's back!

Principal: Let's hear it for WordGirl, everyone!

(WordGirl floats down to the microphone as the audience cheers for her.)

WordGirl: (clears her throat) Sorry I'm late.

TJ: You were probably out fighting crime!

WordGirl: Yes, well, about that... I was nervous to talk in front of you because I couldn't think of anything inspirational to say. (The audience reacts in shock.) So I spent the whole morning dawdling, looking for ways not to do the speech at all. But a wise man helped me understand that I was trying too hard to say something inspirational, and a person's actions are more of an inspiration anyway, so I thought that if I was honest about what a hard time I had thinking of this speech, you might find my struggle an inspiration.

(The crowd is silent aside from one person coughing. TJ claps slowly.)

TJ: You're more inspiring than ever, WordGirl!

(The audience bursts into cheers. TJ runs up on stage and hugs WordGirl. Captain Huggy Face does the same.)

Narrator: And so, once again, WordGirl was an inspiration to us all, and this time, she did it with her honesty as much as her words.

(Dr. Two-Brains is shown sulking in prison. WordGirl zooms by and throws a gift-wrapped piece of cheese through his cell window, and he gleefully eats it.)

Narrator: Now, don't waste time dawdling. Tune in next time for another exciting episode of... uh... Oh! WordGirl!

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